Creative Services

Design & Creative Services

Working with some of the world’s largest PLCs and most innovative SMEs we push the boundaries of what packaging can be and do. Starting with a concept we can create 3D digital prototypes allowing clients to see what the final product will look like, create real-life prototypes through our mock up service mock>it and link it online through our print-to-mobile app, SmartPicture.

At Springfield Solutions we provide the most comprehensive packaging design and creative services on the market.

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Our Way

We have always believed in a holistic approach to packaging design, creating the perfect balance between aesthetics, function and innovation. Our experience means we know inherently which designs are printable and which are not, knocking unnecessary time and expense off the design and manufacturing process.

We take a bird’s eye view of the project and help our clients plot a path from design to market by identifying and avoiding any pitfalls they may encounter via our prototyping software and package mock-up services. Once the packaging is perfected, our colour and brand management divisions ensure graphics you’ve worked hard to create are consistent across all product substrates and global markets.

Creative Services

Quality Service

At Springfield Solutions we have built quality into our culture. We have done this by creating a dedicated Quality Assurance Team whose job is not to perform quality control itself, but to build systems and processes that allow everyone in the company to deliver the level of quality our customers demand as standard.

This is not just us speaking. We hold a number of industry accreditations including ISO9001, ISO14001, BRC/IOP and Fogra Certified (based on the ISO 12647-7 accreditation) which demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Creative Services