SmartPicture is our own innovative print-to-mobile app that creates a powerful link between printed packaging, labelling, POS, marketing literature, and online.

Unlike QR codes, SmartPicture doesn’t require link codes to work. Instead we embed the technology into printed logos, graphics and images, meaning packaging design isn’t compromised by unnecessary furniture.

SmartPicture gives users a richer online experience by directing them to a range of options, rather than a single, prescribed web page, such as; information pages, video content, branded social media channels or e-commerce pages allowing a consumer to immediately order the product.

Our Way

As the online world continues to rapidly expand, we recognise that linking printed packaging and other printed materials to your digital assets can be incredibly powerful.

We created SmartPicture to remove the need for invasive link codes which can have a disruptive effect on printed assets. Based on Digimarc technology our solution enables logos and printed graphics that make up the furniture of packaging to be scanned. Unsurprisingly, it is loved by designers and marketers.

Available on the iTunes store and Google Play, SmartPicture unlocks the potential of your offline brand to give your customers a rich, engaging online experience.

To find about more please email or call 01482 484747.

Interactive Labels - Smartpicture