Brand Management


When you begin the Brand Management process, we will assess your product packaging concepts and designs. This includes clarifying correct brand guidelines, preferred colours, logos and materials, enabling us to create a brand design that appeals to a global market.

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Brand Management


Artworking is where your ideas are turned into reality. The elements of your product packaging are carefully considered by our expert Artworking team.

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Brand Management

Packaging Mock-Ups

Prototyping your packaging design is crucial in ensuring you have proof of concept. Packaging Mock-Ups allow you to create prototypes that you can trial in retail stores or send to focus groups for feedback.

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Brand Management


Reprographics involves identifying the print specifications to prepare your packaging designs for print. The reprographics process includes proofing, colour management and formatting to ensure that your packaging appears consistent, everywhere it appears.

Bloom reprographics
Brand Management

3D Packshots

When the packaging has been through each of the above processes and is finalised for approval and printing, we create a 3D digital mock-up, also known as a 3D packshot. Packshots are a form of digital packaging mock-up that are perfect for online uses such as ecommerce, augmented reality and online advertising. Our brand management team have the ability to simulate all forms of packaging, including shrink sleeves, round objects and multi-packs.

Bloom 3d packshots
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