1996 – A European First for Springfield

1996 was a strange and wonderful year. A computer called Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry Kasporav for the first time, only to lose to him in a rematch. Dolly the sheep, the world’s first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, was born and a gorilla went viral after saving a three year old old boy who fell into its enclosure at Brookland Zoo.  

But these are nothing, compared to the revolution taking place at Springfield Solutions. You see, we espouse our credentials as experts in digital print on a regular basis and we believe with good reason that 1996 was the start of that. It is the year we first invested in digital. It was a first not just for us, but for an entire continent. Our Indigo Omnius 50 was the first reel-fed digital printer in the whole of Europe.  

The Indigo was great and everyone here loved it. It was novel, a new direction, a shiny new toy. But it was far more than that. Albert Dass, our founder and current chairman recognised that the industry would one day demand the efficiencies that digital printing could bring, and set out to exploit as much value from it as he could. He knew that the doubters would point to the machine’s slightly inferior quality as compared to conventional printing, but also recognised that as the technology improved, the quality would come.  

Digital printing has come of age and is more versatile than conventional. The quality is fantastic too.  

That’s why we now operate an all-digital print room. We decommissioned our final conventional press in 2012 and haven’t looked back.  

Over the years Springfield Solutions has been behind a lot of industry firsts but being Europe’s first company to invest in reel-fed digital print is the one we are most proud of.

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