3 Important Benefits of Interactive Packaging

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Interactive packaging is not a new concept, it has been engaging consumers and helping brands to sell products for many years. In fact, at Springfield Solutions, we have been providing interactive packaging solutions for almost 10 years!

However, despite it not being a new concept to make your packaging interactive by integrating exciting digital technology, some brands still do not know why or how they should be doing this!

What is Interactive Packaging?

There are two main types of interactive packaging on the market: QR codes and Augmented Reality. The two may be combined to create an interactive experience or be used alone.

QR codes are something everyone should be familiar with now. Invented in the 90s, QR codes are a form of barcode that contains information about the item to which it is attached. This may lead the user to a webpage or document and is easily readable using your phone’s camera.

Augmented Reality is less commonplace, it allows users to experience an enhanced version of reality. This semi-virtual experience exists within the real-world environment, not to be confused with virtual reality, which simulates an entire environment. AR enhances your product using 2D or 3D digital assets. For example, allowing the user to view a 3D version of your product in front of them, without having it in their hand.

The Benefits of Interactive Packaging

Interactive Packaging can greatly benefit your brand. By adding digital interactivity to your packaging, such as QR codes or Augmented Reality, you add another dimension to your brand assets and separate your product from the competition. Attracting consumer attention with your unique offering.

Valuable Information

Interactive packaging provides added value and information to your consumers. This may help them use your product, for example by providing recipes or ‘how to videos’ embedded in a QR code.

There are unlimited capabilities with interactive packaging regards to valuable information that you can provide alongside your product.

Interactive Packaging

In the example above, scanning the product gives users a ‘top tip’ of how to use the product, as well as how to recycle the packaging after use.

Some further examples include a step-by-step on how to use your product, how to recycle your packaging or accompanying product suggestions. To decide on what to include, consider what information would benefit your customers best.

Consumer Connection

Interactive packaging also helps your consumer to develop a strong relationship with your brand through memorable brand experiences.

Interactive Packaging

This can be seen in the example above, in which Augmented Reality brings the Bombay Sapphire bottle to life with floral illustrations. The user can then view videos of cocktail recipe suggestions that can be created using the Bombay Sapphire product.

This unique packaging method creates a new, refreshing way to communicate with your consumer and makes your product more exciting!

By engaging your consumer through interactive packaging, the user becomes more connected with your brand as they are rewarded with exclusive information or offers by interacting with a piece of your product packaging.

Brand Values

Interactive packaging allows you to tell your brand story and showcase your values in a digital way by connecting your physical packaging to your digital content.

Your consumers can quickly and easily access your digital channels through your packaging. For example, you can direct them to your social media profiles or your website, so that consumers can learn more about your brand.

How Springfield can help you achieve effective Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging requires digital solutions, and who better to provide that than a digital packaging specialist?

At Springfield Solutions, we are known for our digital packaging innovations, being an early adopter of the digital way.

Interactive Packaging is made possible through rapidly developing technology. Consumers want to choose how they interact with a brand through their own smart devices, and interactive packaging puts the user in control of what they consume about your brand.

Interactive Packaging

Our digital packaging solutions allow us to place a QR code onto your product or even integrate Augmented Reality. Allowing you to provide valuable information to your consumer to learn about your product and brand!

To enquire about evolving your packaging with digital connectivity, get in touch!

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