40 Years in and Still Innovating!

During 2015 we looked back over 40 years of innovation at Springfield Solutions, and even those of us who have worked here for a long time have learned things we didn’t know about the company.  

But as we enter 2016 it is now time to look forward.  

We have achieved a lot last year. We introduced a host of new services that have truly extended our print, brand management and media services and 2015 culminated in a far-reaching rebrand and new website which consolidates all those services into a powerful proposition.  

Key among 2015’s innovations were:  


Mock>it is our packaging mock up service that enables companies to develop totally new and innovative packaging types, carry out market research and create retail-quality shelf displays. It means companies can change prototypes quickly so they can assess feedback on which designs work the best before going to market.  

In November this year we introduced our award-winning app SmartPicture® into mock>it, to make market research far easier to conduct. SmartPicture® can be used to scan prototype packaging, which takes users to an easy-to-complete market research questionnaire that produces faster, more accurate results.  


Our ingenious and award winning piggyback label that features a variable-position adhesive join, enabling the mount label to peel away from the base label from either side, from the top or bottom, or from both sides towards the join if required, while remaining securely fastened to the product. 

REVEALABEL® was created by Springfield Solutions in response to changes in the FIR and CLP regulations and has already been adopted by a number of companies in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It was winner of the Innovation and Technology category at the 2015 Hull Daily Mail Business Awards. 

3D Printing 

Not content with making a total shift to digital printing, we have invested in a 3D printer and are already putting it to good use as part of our mock>it service, to print the plastic tops for prototype aerosol cans. Although the process is not yet the most efficient, it is a technology we believe in and one that will improve, which gives us the opportunity to improve the processes we use it for.  

These are just a few of the innovations we have introduced to prepare us for the challenges of 2016 and beyond. To check out others explore our website and find out what Springfield Solutions can do for you. Whether it is brand management, printing or digital media you require, we believe we have the solution. The Springfield solution.

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