5 Winning Examples of World Cup Packaging

World Cup Packaging

World Cup Packaging helps fans mark the occasion of an important tournament in football. In anticipation of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar in November, brands are releasing limited edition packaging! This is especially common in the food and drinks market, with main sponsors of the event including McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Budweiser. 

Special events packaging and brand activations are common for sporting events such as the World Cup, with consumers across the globe engaging with brands and purchasing products to support their team. 

So, let’s check out some examples of limited-edition packaging for the World Cup from both this year, and years previous, below! 


Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, has launched limited-edition aluminium packaging ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.  

World Cup Packaging

The red and gold packaging, which depicts the World Cup trophy, also marks the US Men’s National Team making their first appearance at the tournament since 2014. 

Each bottle and can has a QR code which links to a special Budweiser FIFA World Cup website. On this website, consumers can access exclusive content, including the chance to score prizes and enter to win the experience of a lifetime: a trip to the FIFA World Cup Final!    

Coca Cola 

As they have in previous years, this year Coca-Cola have released a limited-edition label for their product during the World Cup. The campaign, named ‘Believing is Magic’, includes retail activations, premium items and new variations of packaging which highlight country colours. 

Coca Cola Packaging

The main packaging, pictured above, features the signature Coca-Cola colours of red and white with the FIFA World Cup logo and football iconography.  


In 2014, McDonalds launched Augmented Reality packaging themed for the Brazil World Cup. The mobile app allowed customers to play a vitrual football game when scanning the packaging of their fries. 

World Cup Packaging McDonalds

This engaged customers with their products as well as the event. The limited edition packaging artwork was recognised by the app, triggering the game to begin on screen right in front of the customer! 


In 2018, Jägermeister released a range of size limited-edition 70cl bottles of their classic spirit. 

World Cup Packaging

The packaging was adorned with flags of countries who were participating in the Russia World Cup 2018. Including England, France, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Spain. 

Champagne France ’98 

This final example takes us back to the 90s, and is a personal favourite! An iconic World Cup for merchandise and packaging has to be France 1998! From t-shirts and clothing accessories to champagne – items sold during France ’98 have now become collectible, inducing nostalgia. 

France 98 Packaging

A niche luxury product released during this World Cup was a special edition Champagne. This product featured limited edition packaging and presentation box featuring the logo of the France 98 World Cup event.  

Do you want to create your own limited-edition packaging for an event or a limited release product? Get in touch with our expert team today to find out how our Digital Print and Packaging Services can help you with a successful launch! 


1. How do limited-edition packaging campaigns for events like the FIFA World Cup impact consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions, and are there any studies or data available to measure the effectiveness of such campaigns in driving sales and brand engagement?

Limited-edition packaging campaigns for events like the FIFA World Cup often influence consumer behaviour by creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency, driving purchases among fans eager to collect commemorative items. While specific data may vary by brand and campaign, studies have shown that such initiatives can lead to increased sales, heightened brand visibility, and enhanced customer engagement, particularly when coupled with interactive elements like QR codes or augmented reality experiences.

2. What are the key considerations and challenges for brands when designing limited-edition packaging for global events like the World Cup, particularly in terms of cultural sensitivities, licensing agreements, and logistical complexities across various markets?

Designing limited-edition packaging for global events like the World Cup requires careful consideration of cultural nuances, licensing agreements, and logistical challenges. Brands must ensure that their designs resonate with diverse audiences worldwide while adhering to trademark regulations and securing necessary permissions.

Additionally, coordinating production, distribution, and marketing efforts across different markets presents logistical complexities that brands must navigate effectively to ensure a successful campaign rollout.

3. How do brands navigate the balance between creating limited-edition packaging for major events like the FIFA World Cup to generate excitement and engagement, while also ensuring sustainability and minimising environmental impact, particularly considering the potential increase in packaging waste associated with such campaigns?

Balancing the excitement of limited-edition packaging campaigns with sustainability concerns is a critical consideration for brands. To address this, brands can explore eco-friendly packaging materials, minimise excess packaging, and implement recycling or take-back programs to reduce environmental impact. Additionally, brands can educate consumers about responsible disposal practices and the importance of sustainability, fostering a more conscientious approach to packaging consumption among fans and customers.

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