A Year in Numbers

At Springfield Solutions we are constantly looking ahead at what’s next in the World of Brand Management, Digital Print and Packaging and how we can help our customers in new and innovative ways. However, it’s always good to take stock of where we’ve come from and take learnings to guide our future.

That’s why, this week we’ve been crunching the numbers and are delighted to share with you some of the headlines from 2018:-

  • Our Brand Management team served over 39 different countries creating over 11,000 Digital Artworks.


  • Our Digital Print Team produced over 150Million self-adhesive labels and printed over 22million meters of self-adhesive labels in one year!!… that’s more than 60,000 meters of digitally printed labels per day… perhaps they did need that coffee break after all!


  • Our Packaging Mock Up Team (Mock>it) printed nearly 8000 labels, 20,000 cartons, 800 sleeves, 4000 flow wraps and 300 shrink sleeves!


As the teams were busy producing all of the digital artworks, digitally printed labels and packaging mock-ups it took Dennis 9 attempts to kick a football during the filming of the World Cup Video (he blamed this on being brought up on American Football & Baseball). You got there in the end didn’t you Dennis! Unfortunately, we don’t think you’ll get to play for England!


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