Advanced SCREEN Training for Springfield Operators

Last year, during our Project 21 expansion, we invested in new equipment by installing our fifth digital press from SCREEN, the L350+LM. These Digital presses from SCREEN allow us to print high-quality labels with short lead times and exciting innovative customisation.

Recently, our print operators received advanced training from SCREEN.

This high level of training will make maintenance of our machinery more efficient, leading to a better customer experience for our growing list of accounts and allow us to maintain our high level of service that the team at Springfield are very proud of!

Steve Nix, Print Operations Manager, has been working on this for a few years now, and this training was the first stage in what will lead to continued advanced training for our print staff.

“It’s proved beneficial, we have seen the best year we have had for uptime.” Steve Nix, Print Operations Manager.

All of Steve’s team are now signed off and recognised as trained in full maintenance procedures on our presses to Level 1 Maintenance. We will continue to develop this training, with the next stage involving increasingly detailed work on presses and training the staff to Level 2 Maintenance.

“What the customer can expect is they won’t see a break in our supply. The machines will be fully maintained and running the way they should be, optimising the uptime, and they can expect to be thrilled weekly.” Steve Nix, Print Operations Manager.

The goal of this advanced training is all about uptime and being able to fix any issues internally and quickly. By increasing the team’s efficiency, our customers will see benefits passed on to them thanks to an improvement in the way and speed that our team can work.

“I think Springfield perhaps will be the top in the world actually – a market leader on digital presses. The way they have grown over the last few years, increasing revenue and turnover every year, they will be seen by our Japanese factory as the main user in the world.” Steve Low, Vice-President Service and Support for EMEA at Screen Europe.

To find out discover just what we can do with our Digital printing capabilities, check out our case studies!

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