The Uses of AI in Packaging

AI Packaging

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a topic being widely discussed in many spaces, including in the packaging sector. Is it going to change the way we all work? Improve the way we work? Replace people’s jobs entirely? 

What is AI? 

AI or Artificial Intelligence, by definition, is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks which typically require human intelligence and input.  

This can include any number of things, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. 

The future is difficult to predict, especially a future where new technology is constantly evolving. 

Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve to assist brands in making consumer-led, strategic decisions to increase sales and grow the business.  

So, let’s get into some of the possible uses of AI in Packaging! 

Packaging Design 

AI is perfect for A/B testing packaging designs at the concept stage. This will quicken design variations such as colour, placement and type alternatives when creating initial concepts. 

AI Packaging

Therefore, quickly creating more variants to choose from and explore. 

There are also several exciting text-to-image programs powered by AI, such as Adobe Firefly which can create design ideas in minutes. 

Pre-press Approvals 

Automation greatly speeds up the packaging process, especially when it comes to pre-press. Specs, colour, text size and more can be checked to ensure it is accurate for the print process.  

This will ensure that the final product is as intended and make the approval process much easier. 

Quality Control 

One use of AI is to identify defects or irregularities in packaging design, materials and products. 

This will cut down on time spent on amends and reprints. Therefore, allowing brands and manufacturers to maintain high-quality standards and reduce waste created by reprints. 

Machine Maintenance 

By analysing data from sensors placed on packaging equipment and machinery, Artificial Intelligence can predict when maintenance will be needed on machines.  

This will help to avoid unexpected downtime, reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency. 


AI can also help companies reduce their environmental impact. This will make a change by optimising packaging to reduce waste as well as assisting in find a more sustainable packaging solution.  

AI Packaging

Using data from machine learning, AI will allow your business to make more sustainable packaging decisions. 

Another sustainability improvement with AI is by tracking the environmental impact of your packaging. For example, by exporting the emissions data of creating the packaging – from design to manufacturing. 

To conclude, we are excited about the future of the packaging industry. AI can and will likely be used to assist many businesses and individuals in creating successful packaging. From reducing inaccuracies to speeding up approval processes. The industry will only continue to innovate, and we are excited to see where the years ahead take us! 

To discuss the latest innovation in digital print with our team, get in touch! 

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