Breaking into the Print Industry: An Apprentice’s Perspective

At Springfield Solutions, we see incredible value in developing young, local talent and encouraging their introduction into the print industry.  

Over the years, we have had tremendous success introducing Apprentices into our business, some of them being amongst our longest standing staff members! It is particularly important to invest in our industry by enabling young talent to explore innovation for a positive, hopeful future of the print industry. 

We spoke with our Print Technician Apprentice, Charlie Nix, to discuss his Level 3 BPIF apprenticeship at Springfield Solutions, how he has settled in, and his hopes for the future!  

Introduce yourself and your department! 

I’m Charlie Nix and I work in the packaging mock-up department, Mock>it. We produce packaging samples and colour proofs for our global, national and local customers.  

This is a process carried out before the full production of packaging, making for a more cost-efficient result. 

How did you feel starting at Springfield? 

From my first day starting at Springfield, I felt a part of the team.  

I find that everyone at Springfield has been very welcoming and pleasant.  

The business has a family-feel with a tight knit community across the business, from Operators to Directors. This is because of the number of years the majority of staff have worked together, as well as everyone being very comfortable and happy to be around each other. 

What does your Apprenticeship mean to you? 

Doing an apprenticeship at Springfield provides a significant head start to my career in the print industry. 

I have been given options for various training courses, for example, I am now a trained fire marshal. I am also trained on the SASO (Self-adhesive shrink-on) machine, which provides hands-on experience working with innovative packaging solutions.  

My role also has a very positive effect on my social life and personal wellbeing. This role is perfect for me because it allows me to challenge myself both mentally and physically. This is ideal as if my brain is idle, I can get frustrated and feel uncomfortable. 

Has there been any challenges so far in your Apprenticeship? 

I feel like there has been a lot of challenges for me to overcome since being here, but that is simply because of how much there is to learn! The print industry is so complex, with years and years of tried and tested methods.  

I am learning considerably more every day and becoming much more comfortable with my role.  

What development in this role do you see for your future? 

The development I see in this role is I hope to obviously finish my apprenticeship, get a bit more experience under my belt, and then hopefully at some point later down the line become a team leader in the Mock>It Department!

What advice would you give to people considering doing an apprenticeship at Springfield? 

I would encourage them to ask plenty of questions. Everyone is friendly and helpful, so there’s no real reason not to use other employees experience and expertise to assist your growth and learning! 

Are you interested in joining the team at Springfield Solutions working with clients across the globe on exciting packaging projects? Check out our latest opportunities here! 

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