Behind The Teams with Martin Wrightson

Behind the teams

In this month’s edition of our ‘Behind the Teams’ series, we spoke to Martin Wrightson. 

Martin is a member of our Brand Management Team, working as an Artwork Project Leader.  

We chatted to Martin to find out a little more about his role at Springfield working for some of our Global clientele! 

Tell us about your job role and what it entails

I am an Artwork Project Leader as part of the Brand Management Team who works with the client to manage packaging projects for Air Wick across the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America (including Brazil).  

Our work ensures global consistency in colours, content, and visuals across packaging artworks. I have also worked on other Global power brands.  

Walk us through a typical day in your role 

Some of my tasks include: 

  • Reviewing client briefs and quoting for the work involved 
  • Scheduling amends, approved and new master artworks in with our Reprographics team 
  • Booking artwork pack shots and file collections in with our Reprographics team.  
  • Uploading artworks to external systems for review 
  • Releasing high resolution final files to printers 

Every day can be different though, so you always need to be on your toes to what might come next!   

Can you share any specific challenges or successes you’ve had in your role? 

Tight deadlines are always a challenge, and managing what can/can’t fit on an artwork when working to a printer specification can be difficult.  

There’s a satisfaction in releasing high quality artworks to the printer which is the end product of everyone’s hard work. In an industry that has so many moving parts and things to remember, I’d call that success!

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