Brand Management: Adapting Quickly

The latest COVID-19 crisis is affecting businesses of all shapes and sizes. Many businesses are unable to operate, some are having to adapt and a few are in overdrive. We are in the second bracket and our Brand Management department has been forced to adapt to the current situation and here’s how we’ve done it.

We have been creating digital packaging assets since the late 1980s and have a European based operation so digital workflows and remote working are part of our DNA.

Brand Management
Brand Management office space – Currently empty 

Prior to the Government announcing a full ‘Lockdown’, we were already planning and preparing to move the Brand Management team to a ‘work from home’ setup. However, we were initially planning on doing it at a steady, phased pace to allow our team to adapt over time. For example, initially 2-3 people from the team work from home for half a day, test all processes and report back to HQ with any problems they had.

Once the Government announced the full lockdown, we then had to move quickly. Using our digital workflows, remote working experience and the agility digital affords. Within 2 days, our entire Brand Management team were setup and ready to ‘Work From Home’. The team reacted quickly. Our full Brand Management team have now been fully operational and working remotely from home for over 3 weeks.

Brand Management
Kristina Dass from the Brand Management team, working from home 

One of the more obvious challenges that arise from such circumstances is communication. Using a collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams, the Brand Management team has been constantly messaging, video calling and sharing screens with one another. Utilising Microsoft Teams has been a massive help and boost for the team.

Using the project management tool Trello, our Reprographics Manager, Neil Percy is able to continuously monitor the Brand Management team’s progress with on-going projects. In fact, the team have adapted so well that initial feedback and reports from customers are that there is no change to service. The projects are still being completed on schedule and well within SLAs.

So what has this meant for our customers? Thankfully, the customer has not been affected and we will continue to do our utmost to ensure the customer continues to receive the highest level of service. To find out more about our Brand Management department, click here.

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