Connected Packaging for Car Care Products

Connected packaging

Connected packaging has great potential in the Car Care sector as consumers increasingly purchase products on a DIY use basis. The growing cost of living as well as cost of professional services in the automotive industry, means consumers are taking car care into their own hands more often. 

The automotive industry has some of the largest potential when it comes to smart packaging solutions.  

Grand View Research reports that the application of smart packaging in the automotive sector is expected to register a CAGR of 12% from 2016 to 2024.  

As consumers look for tutorials online or scan through product instructions – why not make it easier for your audience and teach them how to use your product through interactive packaging? 

The potential of this is great, as it not only educates your audience on how to correctly use your product, leading to a satisfied customer. But it also allows you to connect with your consumer better, promoting your brand and product and increasing the likelihood of repurchase or recommendation. 

But before we get into the details of why you should make your packaging ‘smart’ or interactive, let’s get into what connected packaging actually is! 

What is Connected Packaging? 

Connected Packaging, also called Interactive Packaging or Smart Packaging, is by definition a type of packaging which uses digital technology to improve the customer experience. 

Innovation integrates the digital world into the physical, creating memorable, educative, or even just entertaining experiences for your consumer. 

Augmented Reality 

One example of this is AR or Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is where the user ‘augments’ their reality through digital technology, integrating virtual reality into the real world. AR is typically used through the camera of a smartphone, either through a mobile app, a webpage, or an AR filter on social media.   

QR Codes 

Another common example of Smart Packaging is QR Codes. QR codes are extremely commonplace in today’s society, and many will be familiar with their uses. QR codes act as a form of barcode that contains information, which may link to a webpage, a PDF or any digital information! The user simply scans the code with the camera on their smartphone to be taken to the desired final location. 

Connected Packaging

For Automotive packaging, QR codes have great potential as brands can use this to direct consumers to a number of different things. 

One example is to lead customers to an educative video or document on how to use the product. For example, a video tutorial on how to clean a vehicle with a waterless car cleaner. This makes the customer experience much simpler and more valuable, as the information is given to them rather than having to search for the instructions themselves. 

This also makes the experience much more interesting, as video content is preferable to reading through instructions as well as being easier to understand and follow. 

Why You Should Make Your Packaging ‘Smart’ 

Educate the Consumer 

As mentioned previously, connected packaging is a great way to educate the consumer.  

It provides information to you audience in an interactive, unique way so that the customer not only feels like they are getting value from you, but they are also entertained at the same time. 

By providing valuable information to your audience, you will also create a positive impression of your brand. 

Point of Difference 

Integrating the digital world into your product packaging creates a unique point of difference for your consumers.  

Although the use of AR and QR codes is not new, it is still an innovative addition to packaging. Especially in the automotive sector. It is an incredible opportunity which most brands are not taking advantage of. Therefore, letting user-generated content of DIY YouTube tutorials take the monopoly when it comes to how-to videos. 

The Digital Solution 

As interactive packaging is a digital packaging solution, it makes perfect sense that we, Springfield Solutions, provide this service.

As an expert in digital packaging solutions for companies across the globe, we have been connecting packaging to the digital world for over 10 years to create memorable customer experiences and innovative products. 

To conclude, by using your brand expertise and knowledgeable market position to provide an educative, entertaining experience, you will win customers with interactive packaging. 

Do you want to provide value to consumers with your packaging? Get in touch to start your journey to smarter packaging today! 

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