Cosmetics Packaging Trends

Cosmetics Packaging Trends

Cosmetics Packaging can be a driving factor in consumer purchases. The appearance of your product draws in attention from consumers both on the shelf and online, thus driving purchase choice.

The Cosmetics Industry is one of the fastest growing consumer markets worldwide, which means there is constant competition for brands both new and familiar.

The sector has a uniquely loyal consumer base, with purchases often driven by brand familiarity or recommendation from peers and influencers. Navigating the beauty industry as a brand owner is tough, especially keeping up with trends and trying to catch consumers attention.

Although there is a lot of competition, the growth of the industry also means there is great potential for your brand to succeed!

The most efficient way to grasp a consumer’s attention is through engaging and well-designed packaging. So, let’s get into some of the latest trends that will enable your product to emerge from the masses and jump off the shelf into your consumers hands!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The world is switching to an eco-friendly way of living.

Consumers, now more than ever, are conscious of what they are purchasing, and how they can become more sustainable through their purchasing choices.

This environmental shift is shown not only by using recyclable packaging and eco-friendly materials – but also through the ability to refill a product too. It is apparent now more than ever that something must change in regard to the use of plastics and non-recyclable materials.

Cosmetics packaging

Therefore, the focus on eco-friendly packaging and sustainable living will become more accessible through everyday products.

The ability to refill a product gives the packaging a more useful purpose in the long run, also creating an incentive to repurchase. This switch to sustainable packaging matches the consumers demand for an increasingly eco-friendly lifestyle, as individuals wish to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

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Connected Packaging & Experiences

A great trend that engages the consumer is Interactive Packaging, also commonly called Connected Packaging or Smart Packaging.

Connected cosmetics packaging can be utilised in many forms. For example:

  • QR codes
  • Augmented Reality

QR codes can send your consumer direct to your online channels in order to find out more about a product, make a purchase or participate in a competition.

This adds value for the consumer, as well as creating an engaging relationship with your brand. By adding an element of interactivity to your packaging, you are also encouraging the purchase a product.

Augmented Reality also has great value for the consumer. There has been a large increase in the use of AR within the cosmetics industry as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which demanded innovation when brands needed to surpass the realms of traditional retail spaces and physical testers.

cosmetics packaging

This technology is not new, however it is now more utilised by brands and consumers as digital integration becomes more of a natural behaviour.

Consumers were unable to try products, or test them out before purchasing during the pandemic, so brands such as NYX and MAC chose to innovate by allowing consumers to try on their products using Augmented Reality technology. This has also continued post-pandemic, by utilising this innovative technology, brands have given consumers that added trust when purchasing a beauty product in the current climate.

Minimalist Design

When it comes to packaging design, minimalism is a trend that is here to stay. The timeless principle of minimal design is characterised by its use of simple forms and structures to convey a brand message concisely.

Cosmetics products are following suit when it comes to the trend of minimalist product packaging design. With brands such as Glossier, Milk and The Ordinary showcasing a minimalist aesthetic throughout their branding.

Cosmetics packaging

Minimalism is a classic style to conform to when considering your packaging design. It enables a brand to get their message across clearly, while also portraying a sleek design that focuses on function and the communication of the most relevant information for the consumer.

Label Embellishments

Another trend for cosmetics packaging that will enhance your customer engagement is Digital Label Embellishments.

Premium touches such as foiling, embossing/debossing and spot varnishing create tactile layers on your packaging that convey a sense of luxury. As these embellishments are now able to be applied digitally, no longer are they exclusively attainable for high-end brands.

Consumers can gain an identical essence of luxury across the board with their cosmetics products, regardless of if they are using a high-end or low-cost product thanks to our Digital Print technology.

Cosmetics packaging

So, now you have a grasp on the latest industry trends – it’s time to apply them to your packaging!

However, before jumping the gun and adding every trend at once, you should trial these trends with your products before going straight to market.

Packaging mock-ups are an important step to take before placing your newly designed product on the shelves.

Preview your final concept before it is placed in front of your consumer using packaging mock-ups. Ensuring a successful product launch and taking away any room for error. Therefore, saving you both time and money in the long run.

To conclude, there are numerous ways in which you can engage your consumer through packaging and design. When designing your next product or discovering new ways to diversify, consider this year’s biggest trends!

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