DIGICAN® – Digital Can Packaging Solution

Are you wasting time, space and money on printed cans? Look no further than DIGICAN®, the digital solution to your packaging problems.

What is DIGICAN®?

This new Digital solution features a high-quality, full-coverage digital label which is first applied to the flat tinplate blank, and then seamed into the top and bottom of the can. The label bleeds into the seams giving the appearance of a fully printed can. This enables brands to showcase their packaging design to its full potential.

DIGICAN® is a digital packaging solution with the capability to offer brands across a range of industries short and long run orders with shortened lead times.

Who can use DIGICAN®?

DIGICAN® is designed for brands who are looking to utilise efficient packaging solutions and change the way that they package their product. Are you stuck using traditional methods with long lead times, high MOQs and little flexibility? Or simply want to upgrade your packaging to the next level?

Then DIGICAN® is for you.

What are the benefits of DIGICAN®?

Flexibility when ordering

DIGICAN® allows brands to order packaging as and when it is needed, which is a stark comparison to the traditional methods of printed cans. Digital print allows you to purchase your packaging in relation to demand, as opposed to buying large quantities to meet high MOQs. This also means less waste, as you no longer need to throw away redundant stock!

Zero MOQs

At Springfield, we have zero MOQs. Being a digital printer allows us to print both long and short runs, allowing businesses the flexibility to order what they need, when they need it. Therefore, cutting down on costs when ordering, as well as cutting down on warehousing and storage costs due to no longer needing large spaces to store over-stock!

Digital Can Packaging

Reduced Costs

With traditional packaging methods, excess stock ordering meant a need for large warehousing space. However, with DIGICAN® and zero MOQs, these storage spaces can be reduced, resulting in reduced costs.


DIGICAN® packaging is fully customisable, with the potential to include customer names using Variable Data Printing. Customisation and personalisation of packaging allows brands to differentiate their product from the competition and create an exciting experience for consumers.

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