The Benefits of Digital Packaging for Craft Beer Brands

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Digital Packaging has a great number of benefits for your craft beer brand. Accessible embellishment opportunities and eco-friendly label material options provide a point of difference for brands to entice customers. 

There has been a large rise in competition between Craft Beer companies, meaning it is key for brands to mark a point of difference in this sector to excite consumers and encourage the purchase of a product with packaging! 

The growth in the sector and increasing competition has led to brands needing a more efficient way of packaging their products. For those looking for labels with a fast turnaround, innovative capabilities and even sustainability credentials – read on! 

Our versatile, 100% digital packaging solutions include:  

What are the benefits of digital packaging for Craft Beer Products? 

Digitally printed packaging and labels have great benefits for Craft Breweries with incredible flexibility, allowing brands to experiment with packaging and engage the consumer. 

Some of the benefits of digital label printing include: 

  • No tooling costs  
  • No Minimum Order Quantities  
  • Maximum 5-day lead time from receiving approved artwork  
  • Versatile customisation thanks to variable data printing  
  • Embellishment capabilities, including foil, spot varnish and unique textures 
  • Eco-friendly substrates 

No tooling costs or minimum order quantities provide brands with much more flexibility when ordering labels. This leads to less waste and savings on costs as you are only ordering the labels that you require. 

Short lead times also provide great flexibility to craft beer brands as labels can be ordered and received within 5 days. This allows you to get your product to market quickly and satisfy your consumers!  

Variable Data Printing enables brands to customise each label individually, adding names, designs, and imagery unique to each label. This is made possible using 100% digital print processes, as digitally printed labels do not require printing plates with lengthy set-up times.  

Therefore, a previously costly and difficult packaging feature is now made accessible to brands globally, thanks to digital print.  

Premium Packaging   

Exciting, premium packaging entices the consumer into your product and brand. Making your craft beer bottle or can stand out on a shelf amongst the abundance of other options.  

One way of achieving a striking premium packaging look is Digital Label Embellishments.  

Digital Craft Beer Packaging

Our Digital Label Embellishments allow your Craft Beer brand to embed luxury into your packaging in an accessible way. This is achieved by digitally applying unique embellishments onto your label, achieving a final result that captures your audience’s attention.   

Our embellishment options include:   

  • Gold & Silver Foiling  
  • Embossing & Debossing  
  • Matt & Gloss Spot Varnishes  
  • Tactile Finishes  

Eco-Friendly Labels 

Consumers are demanding sustainability from brands across all markets, including the Craft Beer market. This includes how the product is made, how it is shipped to consumers and the packaging. 

Digital beer packaging

At Springfield Solutions, we have over 10 eco-friendly label substrates to choose from for brands wishing to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Within our Eco Zone range, we have three categories of sustainable label materials.   


Our Reduce category utilises thinner materials, resulting in reduced tonnage of waste going to landfill.   


Our Reuse category facilitates the full label removal at recycling, for example, with wash-off adhesives, allowing the container to be recycled to a higher standard.   


Our Recycle category includes materials made from recycled content – PCR (post-consumer resin) and PIR (post-industrial recycled content). 

To conclude, digital packaging boasts many benefits for your Craft Beer products, providing an efficient and flexible solution for your packaging.  

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