Digital switch brings whole spectrum of benefits to Teal & Mackrill

Teal & Mackrill Ltd is one of the most respected names in the industrial, agricultural and marine paints sector, manufacturing under their own brand and for other companies. The business, based on Lockwood Street in Hull, has a history stretching back to 1908, and is still under the ownership of one of the founding families.

Naturally therefore, the company is trusted by their customers to make products that live up to its heritage and reputation. It is for this reason, Teal & Mackrill trust Springfield Solutions to ensure its products look as good as they perform, both on and off the shelves.

Our labels help their products to look fantastic on the shelves, but it is our digitally produced colour cards that enable Teal & Mackrill to show their customers the full range of paints they offer without needing to provide wet samples.

The forward thinking company was the first to make the switch to digital colour cards after our colour matching experts pioneered a technique to produce them in house.

Springfield Solutions started working with Teal & Mackrill several years ago as one of two suppliers providing labels for their vast range of paints. But as the quality of the labels, and the efficiency of the digital printing process, brought tangible benefits to the company, we soon found ourselves appointed as prime supplier.

At the time, Teal & Mackrill had colour cards printed by traditional litho and flexo methods, which, as we’ve discussed before, suffer from long set up times, adding cost and time to the job, and minimum order quantities, which is inefficient and can lead to wastage.

We knew that we could provide a better solution with digital printing, just as soon as we figured out how to do it ourselves!

This was one of the drivers for months of research and experimentation that went into mastering a process to create digital colour cards. It paid off, our colour matching experts have been able to find a way of recreating paint shades with ink rather than having to spot paint samples on to the substrate, which as a process is cleaner, quicker and more cost effective than any other way of producing them.

This is little short of a revolution for the paints and coatings industry, and one Teal & Mackrill recognised and wanted to be a part of early on, so for the first time this year, we have created their colour cards using the digital process our colour experts pioneered.

The technique means that Teal & Mackrill can now order colour cards in exactly the number they want, only paying for what they order, and, with artwork stored as digital files, reorders can be turned around far more quickly than litho or flexo.

Digital colour cards have helped Teal & Mackrill make a significant efficiency in their supply chain, while retaining all the quality an industry leading company would expect from their suppliers. If you’re looking to do the same, why not get in touch and find out how we can help?

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The Digital Colour Card REVOLUTION

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