European First For Springfield Solutions Continues Growth

Springfield Solutions is continuing its strategy of growth with a £700,000 investment in a world-leading digital press.

Springfield have become the first company in Europe to purchase a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press, enabling it to boost capacity, productivity and develop new label applications.

The investment, which includes a finishing line by Bridlington firm AB Graphics, builds on our move to an all-digital platform which began in 2011 and was completed in 2012.

The move led to a 26 per cent growth in print turnover in 2013, with further growth predicted for this year as advances in printing technology continue to increase efficiencies across the firm.

Operations director Dennis Ebeltoft said the shift to digital was the major driver in Springfield’s ongoing success

The company works with a range of FMCG and industrial Fortune 500 ‘Power Brand’ clients, providing a full design-to-print service, including prepress, asset management, personalised labels and smart interactive label solutions.

Mr Ebeltoft said: “The market for labels is changing rapidly as retailers take advantage of the creative and production benefits of digital printing.

“In just a year the number of jobs we handle has jumped from 800-1000 a month to 1500 a month at an average run length of circa 300m each – although run lengths can go as high as 10,000m. Our clients are constantly requesting faster turnaround times and without digital printing technology we couldn’t meet these tight deadlines.”

He added they had chosen the Truepress Jet L350UV because it offered the best combination of speed and quality.

“We have used Screen equipment in the past and we have great confidence in the quality of engineering that the company delivers,” he said.

The new press was installed earlier this month and is already operational.

It compliments Springfield Solution’s existing Hewlett Packard presses, all of which are calibrated through a GMG colour management tool to deliver exactly the same results on metallic foil, transparent film, PP, PET and paper substrates.

Springfield Solutions also provides interactive label solutions via SmartPicture, an app it developed alongside sister company Eon Visual Media.

Brian Filler, President, Screen Europe, said it was a significant endorsement of the press that a leading digital print firm such as Springfield Solutions had chosen it to drive their next phase of growth.

“They have huge confidence in how the press can not only expand production capacity, but also how it can enable them to develop new label products and open up new creative market opportunities,” he said.

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