Top 5 FAQs on Digital Label Printing: Your Go-To Resource for Packaging Perfection

Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing has revolutionised the packaging industry. 

Digital gives brands the ability to create stunning and customisable labels that catch the eye of consumers.  

But before diving into the world of digital label printing, it’s essential to understand the ins and outs of this technology and choose the right supplier for your business!  

In this blog, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about digital label printing to help you make an informed decision on something as important as your labels. 

What are the capabilities of a digital label printer? 

Digital label printers offer a range of capabilities that can transform your packaging.  

From vibrant and full-colour printing to the ability to print on various materials and finishes, digital label printers provide versatility and customisation options that traditional methods can’t match. 

Some of the services we offer include: 

How can digital label printing enhance my packaging? 

Digital label printing opens doors for creativity and differentiation.  

With digitally printed labels, you can create unique designs, incorporate intricate tactile details, and even customise individual labels.  

Digital Label Printing

Whether you want to showcase limited edition products, add luxury embellishments, or tap into the power of personalisation for promotional campaigns, digital label printing can elevate your packaging to new heights. 

Can digital label printers accommodate variable data printing? 

Yes! Variable data printing is a game-changer in the packaging world.  

It allows you to add unique codes, serial numbers, and custom information to each label.  

This enables targeted marketing, traceability, and enhanced customer engagement. A reliable digital label supplier will have the expertise and equipment to seamlessly incorporate variable data into your labels. 

How do digital labels ensure colour accuracy and consistency? 

Consistency is key when it comes to branding, and digital packaging assets deliver precise colour matching across label runs.  

Especially when paired with an experienced reprographics team.  

Colour Management

Advanced colour management systems and quality control processes make sure that each label meets your brand’s standards. Maintaining colour accuracy from the first label to the last. 

What is the turnaround time for digital label printing, and can digital printers handle large volume orders? 

One of the advantages of digital print is its speed and efficiency.  

Digital label printers can produce labels quickly, often with shorter turnaround times compared to traditional printing methods.  

At Springfield Solutions, we provide a lead time of a maximum of 5-days from artwork approval.  

Digital label printing

Moreover, a reliable supplier with sufficient capacity can handle large volume orders within tight deadlines, ensuring that you meet your packaging requirements without compromising lead times. 

To conclude, choosing the right label supplier is crucial for achieving packaging perfection.  

By considering the capabilities of a digital label printer, understanding how it can enhance your packaging, and ensuring the supplier can accommodate variable data printing, colour accuracy, and quick turnaround times, you can confidently make a decision that aligns with your business goals.  

Remember that digital print is a powerful tool that can raise your brand’s visibility and catch the attention of consumers! 

To see how some of our customers have benefitted from Digital Label Printing, explore our Case Studies here! 

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