Fat Smokers set RB Hull Marathon Alight

In an unlikely turn of events the Fat Smokers fended off a hard challenge from the Smooth Operators to be crowned Springfield Solution’s RB Hull Marathon Champions.

The Fat Smokers completed the relay race in 4:41:58 and their individual runner, Matt Dass, finished in 3:26:19, giving them a combined time of 8:08:17. Although the Smooth Operators completed the relay race in a quicker time, 3:56:30, their individual runner failed to finish, handing the title to the Fat Smokers.
The winning team were gracious in victory. Tom Such, a member of the Fat Smokers said: “From now on just call us the Fast Smokers!”
Rachael Laughton from the Smooth Operators added: “What an upset! How this has happened we have no idea. We demand a steward’s enquiry!”
The Fat Smokers’ relay team included Tom Such, Dave Bradley, Ian Horne and Lee Spivey. The Smooth Operators consisted of Andrew Ennis, Kristina Dass, Kerry Raper and Rachael Laughton.
We’d like to say a big thank you and a huge congratulations to everyone who took part. All money raised from the event will go to Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham.
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