Food companies can fork out less by going Digital

UK food companies have long been at the mercy of EU regulators when it comes to packaging and labelling, and the Food Information for Consumers Regulations (FIR) is proving to be no exception. With the deadline for the introduction of FIR now less than two years away, a lot of companies will need to reprint a lot of labels and packaging to fall in line with regulations. It could be a costly job, but that’s where we come in. Springfield Solutions offers a fully digital package which can swipe thousands of pounds off your printing costs. We have already saved one company more than £80,000 compared to having their packaging and labels reprinted using traditional, analogue presses. Because digital printing doesn’t require plates to be made up – all graphics are stored on a sophisticated software system – the cost of setting up a printing job is dramatically reduced, and future print runs can be rolled out at the touch of a button. And with manufacturers making large investments in digital over recent years, the quality of digital print is equal to, and in some cases better, than analogue methods. So if you’re having to fork out for FIR then going digital won’t leave a bitter taste. To find out more about how much it could save you, get in touch by calling 01482 484700 or email

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