Free 3D Printed Face Mask Parts Donated for NHS Trusts

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to roll on, we are making sure we continue to Play Our Part. For this particular initiative, we partnered with our sister company Eon Visual Media. Using our 3D printing capabilities, we are printing masks to provide parts to make PPE face masks for the NHS. 

The 3DCrowd initiative is helping frontline organisations by providing PPE Face Shields to NHS Trusts across the country. For example, this last weekend, over 39,000 Face Shields were delivered to 90 NHS trusts. These Face Shields are crucial in helping to protect our frontline staff during the COVID-19 crisis.

3D printing
3D Printed Masks Produced By our own 3D Printer – MakerBot

Here are the current facts and figures from the initiative so far:

  • Over 6000 volunteers with more signing up every day.
  • 80,000 face shields in production.
  • 500,000 face shield requests.

How Did We help?

Using our 3D Printing capabilities, we were tasked with producing the RC3 headband and reinforcement section of the COVID-19 Face Masks. We did this by utilising our 3D Makerbot printer and donating all materials and our time for free.

3D printing
Springfield Solutions and Eon Visual Media 3D printed masks delivered to the Aura Innovation Centre

We are continuing to work with the 3DCrowd initiative and encourage any other initiatives looking to provide equipment to frontline organisations to reach out to us and see if we can help or assist in any way.

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