A Guide to Reprographics in Packaging


Reprographics is an extremely important part of the packaging development process – without it, your design concepts would not become successful packaging that sells your product and attracts customers! 

It is often a process that can be overlooked or misunderstood. So, taking into account our over 45 years of expertise in reprographics, we wanted to put together an article shedding some light on the process and why it’s so important for your brand’s success! 

What is Reprographics? 

Reprographics is an essential pre-press process that helps bring your packaging concepts to reality! The reprographics process involves assessing every element of your packaging design before it goes to print to ensure an accurate end result. 

This includes identifying the print specification of your packaging, including file format, cutter and trim, bleed, barcodes, typeface, point size, colour, and image quality – the list goes on!  


The repro process will differ depending on the printing method for your packaging, as it depends on which printer is being used, as well as which process, i.e., digital, flexo or litho.  

The reprographics process is an extremely important process of proofing and formatting to ensure that your packaging appears consistent and accurate everywhere that it appears. 

Why is Reprographics So Important? 

The quality and consistency of packaging depend on the efficiency of the reprographics process. Without an efficient reprographics process, you risk your packaging being incorrect and inconsistent. To put it simply, design cannot just go straight to print! 

Your packaging design must go through the reprographics process to ensure that every element is correct before printing, allowing your concept to come to life in the best way possible. 

Any missed details may cause errors in printing. Be that with size, shape, or colour. These printing errors may require reprints. Leading to extra costs, wasted time, and wasted materials.  

Therefore, reprographics is also a significant source of supply chain cost savings. As any issues are ironed out before going to print. 

Core Elements of Reprographics 

The appearance of your packaging is extremely important, as it is often the first touchpoint of your brand for your audience! 

Colour Management 

An essential element of reprographics is colour management. This ensures that your packaging design remains consistent across all formats, substrates and print processes.  

Brands often utilise multiple substrates and packaging elements across their product catalogue, from labels to shrink wraps to boxes, which means multiple production processes. The colours used in your branding and packaging design should appear consistent across every product you produce. 


Colour management is the process which guarantees the accurate and consistent reproduction of colour across all your products. This not only helps attract the consumer with appealing packaging but also allows you to represent your brand professionally with high-quality, consistent packaging. 


Copy is an essential part of your packaging. Without it, your audience would not know who you are or what your product is, and you would likely run into some regulation issues!  

When it comes to reprographics, your copy is put under a number of assessments. If your product is sold across the globe, then you need to consider fonts which work globally. These will follow guidelines from the printer. 

The font size is also important. The copy on your packaging must be legible when printed so that the consumer can read the essential information about your product! For example, a typical minimum point size for positive and negative text is 5 point. 


Any images that are included on your product need to follow guidelines too! If the resolution of your image is too low, this will result in a low-quality print outcome. For the printing industry, the standard is typically CMYK, an image resolution of 300 dpi and images should be placed in the artwork at 100% magnification. 


A high-quality reprographics partner has the power to transform your packaging from a basic concept into a successful product seller that impresses audiences worldwide. With a thorough reprographics process, your product catalogue will appear as a consistent family of products.  

All of this can be achieved by utilising an experienced reprographics team to advise you on your packaging from the outset. 

Over 45 Years of Expertise 

At Springfield Solutions, our team have a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in Reprographics and Brand Management. We help our customers bring their concepts to reality in an accurate and efficient way to ensure successful product rollouts globally.  

In fact, Springfield’s history has roots planted in Reprographics! Beginning back in 1975, providing a proofing service to allow our customers to visualise their packaging. A lot has changed since then, including considerable advancements in technology! 

We utilise the latest innovative technology to provide global brands with a consistent, colour-accurate and cost-efficient way of managing global packaging assets across multiple packaging formats, print processes, substrates, and territories. 

To enquire about your latest packaging project, get in touch! 

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