Hull 2017: City of Colour

You would have to have been living on Mars for the last year if you hadn’t heard that Hull is the UK’s City of Culture in 2017.

As a Hull company born and bred, the whole of the Springfield Solutions team could not be more delighted by the accolade, which we believe will help put us on the world map just as much as the renewable energy revolution currently taking place here, and our premiership football team.

But far from observing from the side lines, we wanted to play a part in the celebrations. And we wanted to do that in a way only we could, utilising the skills and expertise that we have spent more than 40 years developing.

The result is our City of Colour colour card!

One of our great innovations this year has been to devise a way of creating colour cards for the paints and coating industry on a digital press, which matched the quality of more traditional printing methods.

After a significant investment of R&D, we mastered that technique, bringing to colour card production all the benefits of digital printing – low pre-press costs, shorter lead times, and the ability to produce short print runs cost effectively.

We have even managed to perfect a process for printing metallic colour swatches with a digital press.

So, to celebrate 2017, we asked our team to come up with all the colours that spoke to them about ‘Hull’. And they didn’t disappoint. We were amazed at what a colourful city we live and work in, and how our staff made rich associations with the city and the different colours around and about it.

Some of our favourites include Chip Spice; Tiger Amber; East Park (green, as you would expect); King Billy gold – a brilliant, shining metallic colour swatches; The Deep (blue); Amy Johnson Sky; Land of Green Ginger; Larkin Lemon, and; The Olde Black Boy, to name just a small number.

In all we discovered and named 54 colours that people loved about Hull and the associations they made with those, and, with the help of our expert colour matching team, mixed inks to faithfully reproduce them on our digitally printed City of Colour Hull colour card.

We love the result, and we hope that you will too.

Throughout 2017, the card will be used as an example of our digital print, colour matching and brand management skills and expertise, for our global customer base.

But it will also serve to highlight to a worldwide audience the vibrant, colourful, radiant side to our city over what will be one of the most exciting and important years in its history.

To order your FREE City of Colour colour card, click HERE.


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