If you can imagine it, we can create it

Springfield Solutions has had a few name changes over the years but one thing that we have settled on, one thing that will remain, is the word solutions.

This is because what we sell isn’t print, brand management and media – they are the tools we specialise in – what we sell are solutions; bespoke, individual solutions that solve clients’ problems or improve the way they do business.

That might be a bold claim, but we can back it up. Our approach to clients has always been the same …. We listen, we learn, we find a solution. We sum it up in one sentence: If you can imagine it, we can create it.

The range of digital labels we have originated is testament to the effectiveness of this approach. We were among the first companies in the world, for example, to be able to print piggy back labels on a digital press. This didn’t come about by accident. Clients who needed piggy back labels were having to order far more than they needed due to the minimum order requirements of traditional printing. The wastage created by the process, and the extra cost the companies incurred paying for that wastage, meant the whole process was hugely inefficient. There had to be a better way and we knew that that better way was digital.

We invested 18 months of painstaking research into different substrates, adhesives and inks to ensure we achieved a quality that rivalled traditional print, but with all the advantages of digital – namely a much reduced set up time, artwork stored as digital files rather than printing plates, and most importantly, the ability to create short print runs, meaning no wastage and companies only paid for the labels they order.

Unsurprisingly, our clients immediately placed their order for piggy back labels with us, and have never gone back to a traditional printer.

But we didn’t finish there. We knew that once we had perfected our piggy back label things could be taken further, so we created Revealabel®.

Revealabel® is Springfield Solution’s premium extended content label designed to vastly increase the area text can be printed on without taking up extra space on the packaging. It was developed in response to changing legislation in the food and chemicals industries which demand manufacturers publish more information about their products on the packaging.

Again, many months of research went into researching Revealabel® until we perfected it. When we did, we had created a label that could be printed on the base label, on the inside surface of the piggy back label and on the outer surface of the piggy back label. Revealabel® doubles the amount of information that could be published on a conventional piggy back label and triples that which could be printed on a standard label, all without compromising the packaging design.

Our SASO® labels are another case in point. SASO® (self-adhesive, shrink-on) labels give fantastic 360 degree coverage of aerosol cans and other cylindrical containers, but traditional printing techniques failed to keep up with industry trends. Our customers wanted shorter runs, flexibility to alter designs quickly and to cut wastage and over-spending.

We knew the solution was digital and we knew we could develop it. After significant research on our part, we produced the world’s first reel-fed SASO® labels which are so good, you would think they were printed directly on to the can. The labels are taking the aerosol market by storm and as more personalised packaging becomes the norm, it is a trend that is only set to continue.

They say the mother of invention is necessity, and there is some truth in that. But in our case, the mother of innovation is a desire to make business easier and more efficient for our clients. The process starts by listening and understanding their issues, then dreaming up a solution and finally fitting all the pieces together to bring that solution to life.

It is by this process that we have led the digital print revolution and will continue to do so. So if you’re missing a solution which can be solved by digital print, brand management or creative media, get in touch. If you can imagine it, we can create it, and then you’ll discover why so many companies choose Springfield when they need a solution that works.

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