Inline Screen Truepress is a World First

We are very excited to be the first in the world to integrate a Screen Truepress 350L UV with inline finishing. This has helped to increase our daily capacity, opening up opportunities for more clients and providing improved service for existing clients.  

Springfield Solutions is no stranger to making history, we were the first company in the world to install the Screen Truepress 350L UV for industrial use in May (2014). Now with it as an inline configuration, we are able to produce printed labels, cut, varnished and finished in a single process, opening up greater opportunities for more clients.  

The decision was made as part of our ongoing commitment to innovative ways on making our services more efficient. With one of our HP presses already functioning well as inline, it was a natural step to create the same for the Screen Inkjet.  

Dennis Ebeltoft, Springfield’s joint managing director, said: “We always push the boundaries and challenge our suppliers to innovate. Innovation is one of the foundations our business was built upon and to see that working day in, day out now is hugely rewarding.  

“Our Screen Truepress 350L UV has now been fully operational as an inline configuration for over 8 months. This naturally means greater efficiencies and increased capacity for us, and improved service for clients.”

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