Why You Need to Implement Interactive Packaging for Pet Products

Interactive Pet Packaging

Interactive packaging helps Pet Care brands to connect to their consumers by providing engaging, informative experiences through their packaging. By adding interactivity to your packaging, you create an exciting experience for your consumers and stand out from the competition, leading them to favour your brand. 

What is Interactive Packaging? 

Interactive packaging is a way to connect your packaging to the online world. Therefore, in turn engaging your consumers with your online marketing efforts through your physical product. This allows you to further educate and entertain pet owners. 

There are two main forms of interactive packaging that most individuals will have experienced at one time or another. These are Augmented Reality and QR Codes. 

Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality is where the user ‘augments’ or enhances their reality through digital media, integrating virtual reality into the real world. AR is mostly used through the camera of a smartphone, either through a mobile app, a webpage, or an AR filter on social media.  

Interactive Pet Product Packaging

Augmented Reality has commonly been linked with gaming technology as well as virtual reality. However, it is now being more commonly integrated into packaging to bring labels to life.  

One example of how AR can be used in Pet Care is to show your consumer how to use your product, for example, how to groom their pet. Using digitally integrated packaging and Augmented Reality, you can educate your consumers on how to use your products to the best of their ability. 

QR Codes 

Another form of interactive packaging is QR codes. Most will be familiar with QR codes as they are used for several different purposes. QR codes are a form of barcode that contains information about the item to which it is attached. This may lead the user to a webpage or document and is easily readable using a phone camera. 

Interactive Pet Product packaging

This form of Connected Packaging may be used for Pet Care brands to link their packaging to an online campaign or webpage. For example, leading consumers to check out the rest of their product catalogue to push further sales or to further detail an ingredients list of a product. 

Why Connect Your Packaging to the Digital World? 

Market Point of Difference 

By implementing interactivity into your packaging, your brand will have a unique point of difference from other brands within the Pet Care market.  

Although Interactive Packaging is not a new concept, merging a physical product with the digital world will allow your consumer to engage with your brand on a deeper level, building a stronger consumer-brand relationship.  

It is still a relatively uncommon occurrence within the Pet Care market – therefore, by utilising digital interactive technology, your brand will be seen as an innovative leader in the market.  

As well as serving as additional word of mouth marketing for your brand when consumers share their user generated content online! 

Educate Your Consumer 

Interactive packaging can help pet owners to find out more about how what and when to use pet care products. For example, you can teach your customer how much to feed their pet or how to correctly use a grooming product. 

This makes it easy for your audience to navigate the masses of information out there by simply scanning your product and being presented with an easy-to-follow guide on how to use your product.  

How are pet care brands using Interactive Packaging? 

Interactive pet packaging

Online pet retailer Chewy created a virtual try-on experience using Augmented Reality to allow pet owners to try costumes on their furry friends before purchase! Making life easier for pet owners, seven costumes were available for virtual try-on through the Chewy website. 

After engaging with this Interactive experience, users receive a custom image of their pet wearing their chosen costume to share on social media with their peers – further pushing Chewy’s marketing efforts and increasing brand awareness.  

Interactive packaging

QR codes featured on the packaging of Hill’s Prescription Diet pet food links to helpful resources on their product. Including easy to understand key benefits of the product, feeding guides, ingredient lists and reviews.  

This makes it easy for pet owners to best care for their pet and easily identify which of Hill’s products to purchase based on their pet’s needs.  

Digital Solution 

Pet Care Packaging

At Springfield, we are recognised for being an innovator in digital packaging assets, including Interactive Packaging. We have been connecting clients’ packaging to the digital world for almost a decade, helping them to engage and attract their audience. 

Our digital packaging solutions require zero MOQs and offer a fast lead time of 5-days, making it simple to seamlessly integrate your packaging with your marketing campaigns. 

If you are looking to upgrade your packaging with interactivity, get in touch! 

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