Kristina got more than she bargained for after joining Springfield!

When Kristina Sach joined Springfield Solutions 25 years ago, she had no idea that quarter of a century later, she’d still be with us.

A hugely talented reprographics artist, Kristina came to us as a trainee graphic designer from the Phoenix Training Programme, which was run at the time by Reckitt & Colman – now of course, global healthcare giant RB.

It wasn’t long before she started making a great impression on her colleagues.

Kristina’s work has always been second-to-none, and she soon started working her way up the company. She qualified as a reprographics artist and then worked for a number of years as a production manager for chemicals giant ICI. Now, 25 years in, she works in our Brand Management department with some of our biggest global packaging clients ensuring their products are as perfect as we can make them.

But it wasn’t just for her work that Kristina got attention. A certain Matt Dass, son of the founder of Springfield Solutions and now, joint managing director of the company, had begun to notice her for an entirely different reason.

Indeed, such was the designer’s allure that Matt soon started to feel a swelling in the heart as young love blossomed. And he was elated to learn that in return, she liked him too.

Clearly, they were (graphically) designed to be together, their love (digitally) printed on each other’s souls, and as a result, they tied the knot 13 years ago!

Whether Kristina stays at Springfield Solutions because she loves the company or whether it’s because she longs to be near her husband all day, every day, we just don’t know, but as the old saying goes, you’d get less for murder!

But whatever the reason, we’re extremely grateful for the huge contribution she’s made to the company over the past quarter of a century, and for making Matt a very happy man. Congratulations Kristina, and thanks for all your hard work!

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