Luxury Packaging for High-End Spirits

Luxury Spirits Packaging

Luxury packaging is a great selling tool in the Alcohol and Spirits market.

Premiumisation draws in consumers with the enticing look and feel of the packaging – standing out on shelf amongst the abundance of competition.   

You will know that today’s consumers – particularly millennials – are in search of high-end premium products. In-fact, from 2012 to 2017, the super-premium spirits and high-end premium spirits segments grew 6%-7% per year by volume. (L.E.K.)  

This increasing gravitation towards high-end spirits has great potential for your brand.

It is driven by consumers seeking products with superior ingredients and fewer calories as opposed to high-calorie, lower alcohol content beverages, such as beer.  

So, how do you capitalise on this increase in the popularity of high-end spirits and communicate the high-quality of your product to your audience?

With packaging.

Your packaging should represent your brand and the product it holds. Communicating luxury throughout the whole consumer experience.  

What is Luxury Packaging? 

Luxury packaging experiments with textures which satisfy the senses. Using visually striking effects that appeal to the packaging connoisseur and convey the status and value of your product. 

When buying a luxury product, customers expect the packaging and buying experience to match. Your consumers are looking to be impressed by not only the product you are offering, but the packaging that is holding it – which is where embellishments come in. 

The Digital Luxury Packaging Solution

At Springfield Solutions, we provide an innovative digital packaging solutions for Spirits brands looking to differentiate their packaging.

Our luxury Digital Label Embellishments will elevate your packaging design to attract consumers in a crowded marketplace with eye-catching premium effects. 

Digital Label Embellishments provide an accessible solution for brands to utilise premium packaging by digitally printing luxury elements onto your label. These embellishments include: 

  • Gold & Silver Foiling 
  • Embossing & Debossing 
  • Spot Varnishes 


Luxury spirits

Hand-in-hand with these embellishments are the benefits of digital printing. Digital print provides incredible flexibility for your brand and Spirits product packaging. A selection of the benefits that digital print will provide to your brand include:  

  • No tooling costs 
  • Zero Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) 
  • Personalisation with variable data printing 
  • Maximum 5-day lead time from artwork approval 
  • A range of sustainable material options 

Not only is there great potential for luxury packaging with digital print, but the digital print process is also an extremely agile packaging solution.

Tooling costs and lengthy set up times are common disadvantages found with conventional, plate-based printing. These issues are diminished with digital print, providing a much more flexible solution for your business. 

Therefore, digital print enables you to access a high-speed, efficient packaging method. Speed and agility allow your brand to react quickly to industry and regulation changes, as well as adapt your packaging to the latest trends and offer seasonal products.  

Digital print has zero MOQs, which means that you are not required to order large quantities of unnecessary stock. By streamlining your label ordering, you can free up storage space and access a more cost-effective and sustainable way of producing your packaging. 


Alongside the luxury brand experience, sustainability is also a motivating factor for consumers when making a purchase decision. It is not only a trend, but an expectation that your brand will make efforts to make your packaging eco-friendlier.  

At Springfield Solutions, we have a range of eco-friendly label materials with the purpose of increasing the sustainability of your product packaging. 

To find out more about our sustainable label options, click here! 

luxury Spirits Packaging

To conclude, our digital label embellishments will enhance your packaging for a luxury customer experience that matches your premium market placement. Therefore, encouraging purchase decisions and increasing the sales of your product.  

Do you want to take advantage of this digital packaging innovation? Click the button below to experience the luxury of our embellishments with a FREE sample pack! 

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