Marathon Efforts Raise £2,500 for Teenage Cancer

After a closely contested race that saw our print team, the Fat Smokers, fend off a hard challenge from the Smooth Operators, made up of members of our brand management team, Springfield Solutions has presented Castle Hill Hospital’s Teenage Cancer Ward with a cheque for £2,500.  

The money was raised when the two teams competed against each other in the 2015 RB Hull Marathon, in September.  

The Teenage Cancer Ward at Castle Hill will use the funds to provide fitness, yoga, massage and other health and well-being treatments to the patients in their care.  

Commenting on the total collected, Springfield Solutions joint managing director, Matt Dass, said he was delighted the sum raised was so high.  

He said: “We set out to raise as much money as we could, naturally, but we had no idea how much that would be. So to reach £2,500 was a fantastic effort and goes to show that everyone who took part in the race put as much effort into fund raising as they did their training.”  

The Print Team completed the relay race in 4:41:58 and their individual runner, finished in 3:26:19, giving them a combined time of 8:08:17.  Although the Brand Management Team completed the relay race in a quicker time, 3:56:30, their individual runner failed to finish, meaning they lost out on the overall title.

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