Mind the gap! The Aerosol Label Revolution

At Springfield Solutions, we’ve had more than 40 years of innovation, but now we’re going further; we are driving a revolution. It has already started. We’ve revolutionised digital print and how it can be used. We’ve revolutionised colour card production, bringing efficiencies to the paints and coatings industry.

Now, we’re revolutionising the aerosol label, making what we believe to be the biggest breakthrough in full height decoration for decades.

The revolution comes in the form of our SASO (self-adhesive, shrink-on) labels, the first truly no look self-adhesive label to be developed for the aerosol industry.

Aerosol Label

SASO is already making waves as big named clients prepare to adopt it, enticed by the high quality and the efficiencies it brings to their manufacturing processes.

Traditionally, brand artwork has been printed directly on to aerosol cans via lithograph printing. But, as with all analogue forms of printing, this is slow, costly and is subject to vast minimum order quantities. This process has been necessary, however, using labels left metal exposed at the top and bottom of the can in a way that was unacceptable to brand owners.

Now, after many months of R&D, Springfield Solutions has perfected SASO– a label-based solution. This digitally printed aerosol label is so good, it matches the quality of litho printing, while bringing all the benefits of digital printing. It is quicker, has a more cost effective pre print set up, and the ability to print short runs.

Aerosol Label

The technology means companies can order any quantity of aerosol labels they want, from one to thousands, and pay only for that number. No minimum order, no wastage.

The secret lies in applying just enough heat to the top and bottom of the can to shrink the label seamlessly into place. We have invested countless hours of research into getting this right and getting it consistent, including designing and developing the machine required to apply the heat to unfilled cans.

So, if you want to streamline how you decorate aerosol cans, and your manufacturing processes, then check out SASO. It is the future of full height decoration and it is only available from Springfield Solutions. But that is the way with revolutions, they are driven by those who see a need for change, for constant improvement.

As one of our clients said to us after seeing SASO for the first time; this aerosol label is the type of innovation we love from our suppliers because it makes our lives easier, our products better and enables us to elevate the customer experience better. That is what we do, so why not join us? Join the Springfield Solutions revolution. 

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