Mock>it extends service offering to include bags

Mock>it, our packaging mock up service, is becoming more versatile the more we push the boundaries of what is possible with digital printing.

Previously, we have written about how we are able to produce short run carton mock-ups via mock>it, which enables companies to experiment with their carton design in an efficient and cost effective way. Now we’ve taken that a step further, by applying the same concept to prototyping bags and pouches.

Bags and pouches have seen an explosion of popularity in the food and FMCG sectors in recent years as a way of addressing some of the environmental concerns around packaging, while still protecting the contents from contamination.

Bags reduce the amount of packaging material required and refill pouches have become popular replacements for solid forms of packaging such as glass or plastic jars, encouraging consumers to retain the original container and top it up from the pouch.

But this has created new challenges for manufacturers, such as how to ensure their branding looks as good on a bag or pouch as it does on more conventional packaging types.

It is for this reason we have introduced a short run bag mock-up service, enabling companies to experiment with new forms of packaging so they achieve the final design quicker.

It is here that digital printing really comes into its own, and why it is so useful for mock-ups. Because it doesn’t utilise printing plates – the artwork is stored as digital files – press set up times are hugely reduced and the artwork can easily be altered if the initial designs are not perfect. And we can create and print different versions of the bag or pouch in low numbers, enabling companies to trial as many variations of the package as is required to get it just right. There is no wastage and no extra spend.

Essentially, our new service takes all the advantages digital printing has over flexo and litho printing and applies them to mocked-up bags and pouches for the first time.

Digital, short run, prototype packaging such as we provide via mock>it is fast becoming the most efficient way of ensuring product boxes, cartons and bags are perfect when they hit the market. If you’re an FMCG company, food producer, supplements manufacturer or any business that requires amazing packaging to stand out on the shop shelves, you’ll achieve that objective quicker with Springfield Solutions’ mock>it service.

To find out more and order your FREE sample please visit our mock>it page, email or call 01482 484747 for furher information.

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