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Digital short run shrink sleeve labels are perfect for prototyping as it means companies can produce a range of packaging types for analysis, market research and competitor comparison, efficiently and at a relatively low cost. If changes are needed, we make those to the digital artwork file, and reprint. This can be repeated as many times as is necessary to create the final design.

shrink sleeve labels uk

It is a hugely flexible way for brand owners and managers to perfect their packaging.

This latest addition to mock>it brings the same benefits to a whole range of companies in the drinks industry, as well as beauty, nutraceutical and horticulture to name just a few. For the first time, we’re able to produce mocked-up shrink sleeve labels – cylindrical labels used on plastic drinks bottles and other liquid containers, which fasten to the bottles via the application of heat.

Shrink sleeve labels are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and really live up to their name, shrinking by up to 80 per cent of their original size when heat is applied.

Often, they fit so tightly that they are practically impossible to remove, meaning brand graphics look great as the label flows precisely over the contours of the bottle.

Mock>it is underpinned by our exceptional digital printing service which enables us to produce short run labels. In fact, because digital print doesn’t require printing plates, we can produce as few or as many as customers need, from a single unit to thousands.

Shrink sleeves are another extension to our rapidly growing mock>it service, which provides invaluable benefits to companies launching new products or restaging their branding.

So, if your branding needs a tweak but you are unsure of how to get it just right, then get in touch. Whatever packaging type you’re employing, through mock>it, we have the tools to ensure your brand looks perfect everywhere it appears.

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