Moving Forward with COVID-19 in 2022

As the Government Guidance on COVID-19 continues to change, we as a business must stay on top of these procedures to ensure our staff stay safe during the course of the pandemic.

Moving forward in 2022, we are continuing to communicate with our staff in order to keep them up to date with the latest guidance as it continues to change and offer support where needed. The precautions we are currently taking includes;

  • Voluntary use of masks for staff and mandatory for all visitors.
  • Twice weekly testing for those coming into the workplace.
  • Maintaining cleaning and hygiene procedures in line with Government guidance.
  • Thermal imaging cameras to check staff & visitor temperatures.
  • Increased ventilation using natural air flow fans.
  • Adjustments to shared spaces within the building, such as kitchens and toilets.
  • Keeping staff up to date on guidance surrounding self-isolation and testing.

We are also currently permitting visitors to the site including customer visits. Providing that visitors act in accordance with our COVID visitors statement. This ensures that any visitors have not been in contact with a known COVID case or have travelled to anywhere with adverse restrictions.

The practice of good hygiene including the cleaning of workstations and the use of hand sanitiser will continue to be a permanent behaviour for the future.

Our priority remains to be the safety of our staff, while also maintaining our production and output levels in order to supply essential labels and packaging to our customers during these unusual times.

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