New brand for Springfield Solutions

SPRINGFIELD Solutions is marking forty years of innovation with the launch of a far-reaching rebrand to further build on its market-leading services.  

The company, which was incorporated 40 years ago this month, specialises in brand management, digital print and online media solutions from video to app creation.  

It has been celebrating 40 years of innovation throughout the whole of 2015, remembering and marking all the company’s achievements since it was established by present chairman, Albert Dass, in 1975.  

The celebrations are now reaching a climax with the launch of a new-look brand identity and extensive online presence.  

Joint managing director, Matt Dass, son of founder Albert, said the year-long celebrations had all been leading up to the launch of the new brand which set the course of the future direction of the company.  

He said: “If you look back across the four decades Springfield has been operating there are so many examples of where we have innovated and led the industry, including developing processes that are in common use today.  

“We wanted to use this year to remember those and reflect on how far we have come, but also to look forward to where we are going and where we want to be.  

“That is why we decided to mark 40 years of being incorporated with an extensive rebrand. Our name is Springfield Solutions but we felt we wanted to clarify what the solutions part of the name represented. We want to ensure all our customers and the wider market know which areas we excel at – brand management, digital print and media – and I believe our new brand identity communicates that clearly.”  

Matt added that the company’s new strategy is underpinned by four ‘brand pillars’ which consisted of quality, service, honesty and innovation.  

“Everything we talk about and do falls under one or more of these values,” he said.  

“As a company we have always bought into these values, but we have never before expressed them as we have done now and that has been an excellent way of establishing exactly what we stand for and communicating that to our staff, customers and the market alike.

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