Upload, Approve and Order Your Labels Online with Springfield Solutions


Are you looking for a fast, efficient way to order labels from your packaging supplier? At Springfield Solutions, we have an online portal to service your label needs.   

This online platform, named Web4Labels, is an efficient, cost-effective way for you to manage your brand through artwork centralisation and online ordering. 

The use of Web4Labels gives you unprecedented online access to the label approval and ordering process with live pricing to allow you to tailor orders to your budget.  

Using this platform, you can now upload artworks, submit for approval, request quotes, order labels and manage your inventory in real-time, online. Making the digital label ordering process much simpler.  

Any delays in communication that you may have previously experienced with other suppliers will be eliminated, with real-time updates that streamline your ordering process. 

What are the benefits of using Web4Labels? 

There are a number of benefits you will experience using Web4Labels:  

  • Instant pricing through direct order entry 
  • Manage your entire catalogue of artworks from one central location 
  • Option to order your labels outside of normal working hours 
  • Maximise accuracy by entering your own data 
  • Track the live status of each SKU 
  • Reduce the occurrence of repetition of order entry  
  • Request a quote for a new SKU, even out of hours 

How does Web4Labels work? 

The Web4Labels system can be used to best suit your needs.  

This could be to upload and approve artworks before print, check in on your pending orders, or the full service of uploading, approval and ordering! 

One example of how you can use Web4Labels begins with a request for quote. In this first step, customers create a quote built from their specific packaging requirements. Including:

  • Label dimensions
  • Quantity
  • Substrate
  • Number of colours
  • Any additional finishing such as embellishments 

The quote is then processed by the Springfield Print Admin Customer Service team and sent back to the customer for approval.  

Once your quote has been approved, you can upload your artwork for approval. Following this, when your artwork is ready for print! Now, you will be able to order your labels through Web4Labels. After ordering, you can check up on the order status as well as reorder more labels in the future!  

Our new Web4Labels system also integrates with our Springfield Management Information System (MIS). This allows artworks to be approved and ordered seamlessly.  

Combining Web4Labels & WebCenter makes us a cutting-edge label supplier, not only in innovation, but also when it comes to order automation. 

Want to join our over 100 customers who are already experiencing the benefits of online ordering? Get in touch to transform the way you order your labels! 

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