Ensuring Successful Packaging for Household Cleaning Products

Packaging Design cleaning products

Creating enticing packaging is an essential part of marketing your cleaning product. Your packaging is a marketing tool which allows you to attract customers towards your brand and product from the first touchpoint.

By creating appealing packaging, your brand will stand out on the shelf and emerge from the competition. But how do you excecute a successful product launch, or ensure that your design ideas perform well?

This is where Brand Management comes in. 

Our Brand Management team work with some of the world’s leading cleaning brands to create high-quality packaging assets. With a strong history of impressing consumers globally.

What is Brand Management?

Brand Management as a whole will take your designs from concept to reality with great attention to detail, ensuring consistent and successful packaging. This includes a combination of essential services to craft a successful end product. 

A selection of our Brand Management services include; 

  • Packaging Design 
  • Artworking and Reprographics 
  • Colour Management 
  • Packaging Mock-Ups 
  • 3D Packshots 

So, now you’re familiar with an overview of the services – let’s explore how these services can enhance your cleaning product! Resulting in an end product that drives attention towards your brand, leading to increased sales and brand awareness. 

Packaging Design 

When browsing the cleaning aisle, what draws you in to pick up a product? Packaging Design!  

How your product looks is extremely important. As it is often the consumer’s first point of contact with your brand, and as we all know – first impressions matter. A well designed, aesthetically pleasing product has the power to draw in new audiences to make a purchase. 

On the other hand, bad packaging design can deter individuals from purchasing a product or finding out more about a brand.  

Packaging Design Cleaning Products

When creating your packaging design, remember to keep your target audience in mind, consider how it will be printed and on what material, and always maintain consistency throughout branding and colour. 

Colour Management 

A Brand Management service that fits hand-in-hand with packaging design is colour management. Colour is, of course, an essential element of your packaging. It is imperative that the colours used are consistent across all substrates and products that you produce. 

Colour management ensures the accurate and consistent reproduction of colour across all of your products. 

Packaging Design Cleaning Products

Why does this matter? Cleaning brands often have several SKUs and label sorts across products with varying purposes, products aimed at differing markets and even products sold in different countries that require language changes. Imagine a product range with inconsistent colour. This would confuse consumers, impacting brand equity.

Therefore, it is essential that your branding and design appears consistent across each product for a cohesive brand appearance. 

Packaging Mock-Ups 

Packaging mock-ups allow you to prototype your packaging design to ensure proof of concept. You can then use these mock-ups to trial in retail stores or for market research for feedback on your new product packaging. 

This stage in new product development is extremely important. Without testing your packaging before going to full production, you put your brand at risk of excess costs and wasted time.

By utilising short-run mock-ups, you can test how your product looks and iron out any issues before going to final print. 

3D Packshots 

Packshots are a way to visualise your product in a digital way. 3D digital prototypes allow you to assess how your product will look before going to print and manufacturing. 

Packaging Design Cleaning ProductsNot only this, but they are also a fantastic way for you to display your products online! 3D Packshots are perfect for use on ecommerce, POS and even within Augmented Reality.  

To conclude, there are many ways that our brand management services can assist you in standing out in the growing marketplace of Household Cleaning. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, stand out from the competition with innovative digital packaging solutions.  

To find out more about how Springfield Solutions can elevate your cleaning product packaging, get in touch! 

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