Premium Packaging for High-Quality Pet Products

Pet Care Packaging

Premium packaging puts your pet care brand in a prime position to excite pet owners.

By implementing luxury packaging, you will attract new and existing consumers to your products, igniting continued growth of the market. 

It is not a surprise that in the past year, pet ownership levels have increased by 18% in the UK alone. Households across the country welcomed new furry friends into their homes as a way to cope with the troubling time of the pandemic. 

Coupled with this increase in ownership was an increase in spending, as the demand for pet products and services continues to soar.  

An interesting research figure to note is that 21% of pet owners spent either a little or a lot more on their pets during the pandemic. This increase in spending also led to an increase in expectations from brands. As consumers spend more on their pets, they expect greater quality, luxury products to be readily available to them across food, grooming and pet health & wellbeing. 

Therefore, this rise in demand for premium pet products must also be met, and marketed, with premium packaging! 

What is Premium Packaging? 

Premium packaging draws the consumer into your product and brand, allowing them to see higher value in your product thanks to the way it is presented. This in turn has a positive impact on your sales. 

One way of implementing premium packaging is Digital Label Embellishments. 

Premium Packaging

Our Digital Label Embellishments provide a flexible and accessible solution for your pet brand to embed luxury into your packaging. This is achieved by digitally printing premium elements onto your label to create an exciting final result that is sure to catch the attention of your audience.  

These embellishments include:  

  • Gold & Silver Foiling 
  • Embossing & Debossing 
  • Matt & Gloss Spot Varnishes 
  • Tactile Finishes 

How to Utilise Premium Packaging for Your High-Quality Pet Products 

By utilising premium packaging, you will give your packaging an exciting boost, and see many benefits for your brand. Not only will this have a positive impact on your sales, but also on your brand perception. 

Premium packaging such as label embellishments will attract customers to your product just by looking at your packaging! Customers will be intrigued to discover more about your brand and product after being drawn in by the eye-catching visual appeal of striking luxury foiling and interesting textures.  

Luxury embellishments also communicate that your product is high-quality and desirable. Creating a positive impression of your brand before the consumer has even learnt anything about it! With the great first impression that your luxury packaging will create, your audience will grow as you appeal to new markets and capture their attention. 

Benefits of Digital Label Printing

By creating these embellishments digitally, you will also reap the benefits of digital printing. These advantages include, but are not limited to:  

  • No tooling costs 
  • Versatile customisation thanks to variable data printing 
  • No Minimum Order Quantities 
  • Maximum 5-day lead time from receiving approved artwork 

Digital premium packaging provides great flexibility and savings to Pet Care brands. Thanks to zero MOQs and no tooling costs, you can level up your packaging without a large increase in costs. Printing your labels digitally can also result in less waste as you are no longer over-ordering product to meet high minimum order quantities. 

Sustainable Packaging

Alongside premiumisation, sustainability is also a motivating factor for consumers making a purchase decision. It is not only a trend, but an expectation that your Pet Care brand will consider the environment when it comes to packaging. At Springfield Solutions, we have a range of eco-friendly label materials with the purpose of increasing the sustainability of your product packaging.

To find out more about our sustainable label options, click here! 

To conclude, our digital solution to Premium Packaging for Pet Care products allows you to appeal to the desire for high-quality product packaging. Turning the purchase of your product into a gratifying experience. 

Do you want to elevate your packaging to new levels with premium embellishments? Click the button below to begin your journey to Digital Luxury today! 

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