SASO® and Revealabel® … A match made in heaven!

Have you ever noticed how certain things just go together? Fish and chips. Strawberries and Cream. Ant and Dec. Often, the magic lies in getting the right combination of ingredients.

It’s a lesson we’ve put into practice with our latest label. By combining two of our most innovative label designs, we’ve come up with a new concept that will bring major benefits to aerosol manufacturers.

SASO, meet Revealabel.

SASO label Piggy back labels Extended content labels Aerosol labels Shrink-on labels Shrink labels

SASO, our self-adhesive, shrink-on label, is already changing the way aerosol manufacturers decorate their cans. It’s the first full height, 360° label for aerosols which matches or even surpasses the quality of flexo and litho printing. It’s also a lot more flexible, efficient to produce and cost effective. SASO can be produced in short runs as part of a prototyping exercise via our mock>it service, or as full production runs for aerosol cans bound for the supermarket shelves.

SASO label Piggy back labels Extended content labels Aerosol labels Shrink-on labels Shrink labels

Revealabel is another of our label innovations. Designed in response to changes in regulations that require food and chemical companies to publish more product information on their packaging.

The really clever bit however, is the method we created to print on the underside of the top label, increasing the area that can display content by up to 200%.

With aerosols used to dispense all manner of substances, from deodorants and household air fresheners to paints and insect sprays, manufacturers are under greater pressure to publish as much information about their products as possible.

But with aerosol decoration being traditionally printed directly on to the metal via litho and flexo techniques, extended content has never been an option except via ugly, concertina paper attachments, stuck on by glue. These can easily fall off or become damaged, so have never provided a workable solution.

SASO is the first truly workable label solution for aerosols and by combining it with Revealabel, we’ve created another first – a genuine extended content solution. Available now, we think manufacturers will find the combination of the two labels a match made in heaven.

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