SASO – How it works

SASO – our self-adhesive, shrink-on label – is revolutionising the way aerosol cans are decorated.

After months of dedicated R&D, we have pioneered a process that combines the quality of litho and flexo printing directly on to metal, with the convenience and efficiency of digital printing.

It is a system we genuinely believe will become standard practice for aerosol manufacturers and brand owners in the near future – the first truly no look self-adhesive label that seamlessly follows the contours of the can, leaving no unsightly gap at the top or base.

So how have we done it? How is Springfield Solutions revolutionising the way aerosol cans are decorated? The answer is surprisingly simple.


By applying precisely the right amount of heat to the neck and the base of an unfilled can, we can ensure our labels shrink snuggly around its contours, creating a quality which rivals that of traditional, analogue printing. And what is more, after hours and hours of experimentation, we have achieved these results consistently, meaning no matter how many aerosol cans you need, SASO will deliver perfect results.

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that digital print is all about the numbers. And in many cases, that means small numbers. Because the artwork is stored as digital files, it doesn’t require printing plates to be made up – an expensive and time consuming process which demands minimum order quantities to make it economically viable. Digital can produce cost effect short print runs, and it can handle huge numbers. Either way, you pay only for what you order and reordering can be done with the click of a mouse.

Given the success of our trials, we were keen to take SASO from the R&D stage to full production, and for this we needed to develop the technology capable of applying heat to the labels. We took our designs to an engineering company, who started work on a prototype.

The equipment needed to be capable of managing any size of aerosol can, both in terms of height, but also width by varying the speed at which the can revolves through the heater, to ensure full, 360 ° coverage.

It was a challenge, but the company we partnered with rose to that challenge, and now we have created the machine we required to complete our modular, heat application system, enabling us to offer it to clients.

This means we are now at the beginning of the second phase of our exciting journey; we’re starting to trial our system into client companies; companies who produce millions of aerosol cans each year.

Those companies, who up until now have relied on analogue printing, have bought into SASO because of the revolutionary work we have completed.

You can do this too. Our technology can be attached to an aerosol production line, or supplied with a labelling machine, to enable clients to apply the SASO labels we print and make the whole process more efficient and cost effective. It makes decorating labels an almost invisible extension of the production process.

Why not find out more about SASO and about the Springfield Solutions revolution which is taking place as you read? Drop us a line to find out how we can revolutionise how you print your cans. Please visit our Shrink on label page, email or call 01482484747 for further information.

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