Short run carton mock ups

Here at Springfield Solutions we’re well known for designing and printing innovative, highquality labels. But when it comes to packaging, sometimes companies need a more substantial solution.

That’s why we’ve extended our mock>it service to include short-run carton mock ups. Click here to visit our mock>it page and order your FREE samples.

Traditionally, cartons would be printed on conventional litho and flexo presses but there are many drawbacks to this outdated technology. Firstly, it is a very inefficient process for prototype packaging, often requiring a Minimum Order Quantity of thousands of units, the majority of which will be wasted.

Until recently, however, marketers faced a problem with short run digital printers too. When it came to cartons, digital presses simply couldn’t reproduce the quality they required.

But technology doesn’t stand still and our digital presses, combined with our state-of-the-art cutting table and finishing equipment, enables us to create prototype cartons in any quantity, from one to hundreds, at a quality equivalent to that of the final product. And because it is digital, there are no plates to be made up as there are in conventional printing, meaning the set up and print time are much shorter and the cost is kept down.

But other advantages to using mock>it to create short run carton mock ups abound.

Mocked up packaging is by definition a prototype, something that is used to assess the effectiveness of the design or for market research purposes, to examine how the product will look on the shelves or to use as sales samples. It is the stage before the final design has been agreed, and it is a fluid process.

Prototyping is characterised by tweaks and experimentations with your packaging and this is where digital presses excel. Design alterations are made to the artwork files, not the printing plates, which is a simple and efficient process, meaning new versions of the cartons can be created quickly and relatively inexpensively. Traditional printing methods are far from fluid. They are inflexible, costly and ultimately the wrong tools for the job. Getting to where your brand, your carton, needs to be is a long, expensive and tiresome process on litho or flexo presses.

So if you need to create prototype cartons to make sure your products look perfect on real world and virtual shelves, you need to speak to us. Mock>it and the power of digital printing is the most efficient way to develop cartons that stand out from the crowd and keep your customers coming back.

To order your FREE samples and find out more about our mock>it service please click here.

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