Springfield Proves A Better Way For Paint Packaging

Digital printing has made huge in-roads into the traditional litho and flexo market by creating cost and lead time efficiencies while maintaining or even surpassing quality.

What few realise though, is that it has the potential to revolutionise the paint industry to an even greater degree, and that’s something that we’ve already proved.

As long ago as 2000 we set out to discover just how much of an impact digital print could have for one of our paint clients. But it is fair to say even we couldn’t have predicted just how far the benefits would go.

The business suffered from the same old issues so many in the paint industry do. They were ordering an excessive number of cans to cover the projected demands of each line and that brought expensive storage issues.

They put up with excessive Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) from traditional label printers who supplied wet glue labels that they had to apply themselves using a wasteful and inefficient process with inconsistent finish quality.

Re-ordering was a long and painful process, which means unless they bought an excessive number of labels in the first instance, they were vulnerable if a particular shade suddenly became popular.

Wastage was high because often, steady sales didn’t justify the excessive tin and label quantities they had to buy in, meaning much of their investment was left to rot in their warehouse.

Like most other paint manufacturers, our client thought these were just necessary industry evils that they had to put up with – an unfortunate cost of doing business.

But over time we persuaded them to try a better way, and the numbers eventually convinced them we were right.

It started in the early 2000s when we introduced the company to the concept of digitally printed labels and how they could be applied to blank paint tins. Intrigued, they allowed us to produce a small quantity to demonstrate the value.

Those early experiments were successful to the point where our client wanted to find out more. Our pioneering use of digital technology had piqued their interest and they could see the potential in this new form of printing.

Fast forward a few years and digital technology had taken giant steps forward. The last six years’ figures show just how much it has assisted their growth and how it has coped with the increasing complexity of their expanding range.

In 2012, we delivered nearly 4,000 lines compromising of around 1,000 SKUs. As the technology improved and we discovered increasingly innovative ways of using it, this grew year on year until in 2017, those figures increased to more than 12,000 lines and 3,000 SKUs. We’re on course to better that again this year.

The company now orders twice a week and the number of labels ranges from one through to 20,000 with no unders or overs. Only the exact amount ordered is printed and delivered, saving them up front cost and wastage.

The process is more efficient too, with short and long runs often finished within hours of the receipt of the order.

Switching to digital has enabled this paint manufacturer to streamline its business, producing efficiencies in almost every aspect of the company through to its warehousing requirements.

Not only that, both print quality and customer satisfaction have never been better, with the client confirming our performance levels are the highest they have experienced, exceeding 99.9 per cent on time and in full.

So, be in no doubt that if you’re struggling with MOQ, wastage, excessive storage requirements and long lead times, #ThereIsABetterWay


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