Springfield’s ADF Paris 2020 Highlights

ADF is the only dedicated trade event which showcases the world’s most innovative aerosol and dispensing technologies. A few weeks after a fascinating few days in Paris, showcasing our industry leading innovation – SASO® (Self Adhesive Shrink-On Label) we finally had the chance to catch up with the team and get their thoughts on an eventful ADF Paris 2020.

Matt Dass, Managing Director – Innovation

ADF gave us the ability to showcase our digital label solution for aerosols (SASO®) to a global aerosol audience. We did this through our exhibition stand, meeting and exploring the other exhibitors and presenting on the ADF Talks Stage. During the 2 days we made over 60 connections with fillers, manufacturers and industry publications who were interested in SASO®

Ultimately, time will tell whether the show will produce the return on investment we are looking for however, short term, the profile of SASO® has been elevated to existing and potential customers within the aerosol industry which can only be a good thing.

ADF has given the business confidence that there is a definite requirement for SASO® in the GLOBAL aerosol industry. We are now developing strategies on how we can maximise on these global opportunities. We believe that ADF has been a steppingstone to deliver SASO® across the globe.

I’ll be attending the following shows throughout the year:

–       MetPack

–       Interpack

–       Drupa

John Grant, Head of Sales & Business Development

During the show it was good to get a greater understanding of the issues can manufacturers face with Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) requirements from customers and also to hear some of the issues contract packers face when dealing with customers.

I believe the show was a success as we have met with a lot of new contacts who have previously not heard of Springfield Solutions and we have been able to open up discussions with the companies on how SASO® can benefit them and the companies they supply. We may never have had these opportunities if it wasn’t for ADF Paris.

We have now got SASO® recognised by large companies world-wide who are now exploring the feasibility of working with Springfield to bring SASO® labelled cans to the market as a replacement for pre-printed and standard labelled cans. The future for SASO® growth looks promising.

At the moment we are concentrating on developing the contacts from the Paris show and will decide in the near future if we exhibit at ADF again.  Either way we will be in attendance as it is a great opportunity to meet up with old and new faces within the industry.  We will also look at other shows that can help develop the SASO® brand and maybe have increased presence at some of these shows. 

(Left to Right) Michael Preston, Jane Stephenson, Matt Dass, John Grant

Michael Preston, Business Development Manager

I was able to reach out to a global market that otherwise would have been hard to find the correct person to speak to. The show enabled us to meet with the decision makers who could see the benefit of what we had to offer and also allow them to better understand how to integrate SASO® into their market and business.

I feel the show was a massive success for us as a company due to the fact that we met the people from companies in this sector that could see the benefit of what we had to offer and also see the need for someone to support the gap in the market and offer a solution to all areas across the industry.

I feel this is the start of SASO® going global and I feel positive that companies are embracing this offering and keen to look at partners to support this gap in the market giving all the flexibility to offer all volumes from 1 to 1 million if required.

I will be attending packaging innovation at the NEC this spring and other packaging shows throughout the year to see what other trends are happening and also keep abreast with new innovations that might blend well with Springfield Solutions.

Jane Stephenson, Business Development Assistant

My experience of exhibiting at the ADF in Paris 2020 enabled interaction with large global companies in the aerosol market.

Showcasing what SASO® has to offer to a worldwide audience certainly puts Springfield Solutions on the map with regards to being up to date with the latest digital technology and services.

We managed to make a number of contacts and had good interest in our products whilst our hologram display certainly attracted some attention.

If you are interested to find out about our industry leading Aerosol label innovation SASO®, click here.


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