Springfield Solutions extends Mock-Up Service with Innovative App

CONDUCTING market research into the effectiveness of packaging has become easier thanks to leading brand management company Springfield Solutions.  

The Hull company has integrated its innovative app SmartPicture into its packaging mock-up service, mock>it, enabling marketers to collect data via a smart device rather than traditional paper questionnaires.  

SmartPicture, which uses Digimarc technology, is an innovative print-to-mobile app that enables graphics and logos on packaging to be scanned with a smart device, directing the user to a rich world of online content.  

Springfield Solutions has programmed the app to take users to a market research questionnaire, meaning the technology can now be incorporated into prototype packaging and used to collect data directly from focus groups.  

The information is then collated and analysed online, doing away with the need for manual inputting.  

Matt Dass, joint managing director of Springfield Solutions, said combining SmartPicture and mock>it made collecting marketing data on new packaging far easier, quicker and more effective.  

He said: “Traditionally, focus groups would sit in a room answering questions about new product packaging on a piece of paper. Someone would then have to manually input that data into a computer for the results to be analysed.  

“This process has been going on for years and has not really been updated, until now that is. We can produce the prototype packaging with mock>it and embed SmartPicture technology into it. That way the focus group can scan the packaging and be taken directly to an online questionnaire. All people have to do then is touch the screen to answer the questions.  

“Not only is this much more efficient because the data is immediately ready for analysis once the trial is over, companies can bespoke the questions they want to ask, meaning the quality of the data collected is better.”  

As well as enabling marketers to collect data more effectively, incorporating SmartPicture into mock>it means they can experiment with interactive packaging much earlier in the package production process.  

“We know that marketers want to squeeze the most out of their packaging and that means linking it to the online world,” Mr Dass said.  

“Extending mock>it with SmartPicture means that making the packaging interactive is no longer an afterthought but something you do once the design process is compete. It allows companies to place the digital link-up centrally in the packaging development process and work it in from the start.”  

Springfield Solutions launched its innovative SmartPicture app in 2013 and it has since been employed in a huge range of uses from raising global awareness of antibacterial resistance to giving sports fans a more inclusive match day experience.  

The company launched its packaging mock-up service, mock>it, earlier this year. It enables the printing of short runs of prototype packaging, aimed at helping companies develop new and innovative packaging types, carry out market research and create shelf displays and sales samples.

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