Springfield Upgrade Digital Asset Back-up Facility

To provide the marketing and business solutions enabled by digital systems, we need digital artworks. 

We provide a number of digitally enabled solutions, and the volume of digital files that we manage on behalf of our clients is enormous. We know that these assets are important to you, so we take the issue of disaster recovery very seriously. 

Our focus on file availability and quality asset back-up led us to invest in a co-location server array in 2011. Which allows near-instant access to clients’ digital assets in the event of a failure of our in-house systems. As we have grown, so has the volume of “digital asset traffic” between our site and the co-location. 

This led to our investment in July, which doubles the capacity of our disaster recovery network connection. Chris Durham, manager of our I.T. Solutions Group, commented, “This investment is a further demonstration of our commitment to protect the digital assets of our clients so that they can enjoy the benefits of our packaging solutions, knowing that their assets are safe with us“.

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