Substantial Growth Fuels Major Expansion at Springfield Solutions

THREE years of substantial growth are driving a £1.3M expansion for leading digital printer, brand management and media company Springfield Solutions. Check out our VLOG regarding this story here.

The company, based in Thomas Street, Hull, is on target to print more than 170m labels in 2016, the most it has printed in a single year.

In 2014 Springfield Solutions smashed the 100m-mark for the first time, increasing that figure to 140m labels last year.

Now, to accommodate further growth, the company is expanding into a neighbouring building as well as investing in new digital print equipment with two associated new lines of finishing equipment from AB Graphics International.

Dennis Ebeltoft, joint managing director of Springfield Solutions, said the investment would enable growth across each of the company’s divisions – digital print, brand management and media.

He added that it has been driven by innovation, particularly from the company’s colour management team which finds new and creative ways to match thousands of colours, and brings consistency to consumer brands that appear in multiple countries across the world.

Mr Ebeltoft said: “Springfield Solutions has a long history of innovation starting with our Brand Management division in 1975. We have taken the lessons learned from our reprographics and colour management teams and used the same approaches to innovation with our digital print division.

“With digital print, we have constantly pushed the boundaries with what is achievable, particularly in relation to quality, and now, in the majority of cases, we can match and quite often, better that of analogue presses.

“As digital print is capable of short runs it is incredibly flexible and has given rise to a lot of other services such as mock>it, our packaging mock-up department. It is an integral part of our brand management offering and would not be possible without our expertise in digital print. We are trusted by so many global brands because we find ways of creating solutions where others cannot, therefore this expansion will have far-reaching, positive consequences right across the company.”

The building which Springfield Solutions is expanding into was originally part of the building they currently occupy and ironically, together they were known as the Print Works because they housed a printing company.

But the two buildings were separated and sold off to different companies years ago.

Now, the work to re-join them will see Springfield Solutions more than double the size of its digital print division from 408sqm to 924.5sqm, and brings the total number of digital presses operated by the company to fivethree Screen ink jet presses and two HP Indigo presses – increasing Springfield Solution’s print capacity by 30 per cent.

It’s forecast to be fully operational in the first quarter of next year.

Mr Ebeltoft said: “We had substantial growth in 2014 and 2015.

“Further growth is only possible by having the infrastructure in place to accommodate it. The expansion will enable us to print many more millions of labels and improve our lead times for print and brand management customers.

“This expansion paves the way for the next chapter in Springfield Solution’s story which is going to be a great one. Our expertise in digital print, brand management and media, and our innovative approach to finding solutions is fuelling dramatic growth and with the extra capacity this expansion brings us, that shows no signs of slowing down.”

PICTURE: Joint Managing Director, Dennis Ebeltoft and Print Operations Manager, Steve Nix in the new building.

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