Sustainable Packaging for Natural Pet Products – How & Why

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging is now an expectation from consumers as recyclable packaging and sustainable materials become the industry standard across all markets, including Pet Care. 

This trend is not going away and has quickly become a non-negotiable for many consumers.

So, what is sustainable packaging, why should you make the switch, and how can your brand become more sustainable through packaging? 

What is Sustainable Packaging? 

As a blanket term, sustainable packaging refers to packaging that is more eco-friendly and causes less harm to the environment. 

This may come under packaging that can be recycled, such as cardboard boxes, packaging that is made of sustainable materials, such as compostable bags or simply less packaging, causing less damage to the environment. 

There are many options to choose from when deciding on an eco-friendly packaging option. Whichever route you choose to go down, whether it is one of the options mentioned above or a combination of multiple eco-packaging options, make sure your consumer is aware of how your packaging is sustainable. Additionally, if they need to partake in recycling for example, to facilitate this sustainability. 

Why use sustainable packaging for pet products? 

Consumer Demand 

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging and products will only continue to rise as awareness of the climate crisis continues to rise. Consumers expect brands to take responsibility when it comes to sustainability, and this includes your packaging. 

Amcor research into European pet owners’ buying behaviour showed that more than two-thirds of pet owners across France, Germany, Italy and the UK believe that climate change and plastic pollution are the two biggest environmental concerns.   

When asked to choose between 4 packs of the same product with high-quality taste and health benefits for their pet, 90% of pet owners say they are willing to pay more for a more sustainable packaging solution. With 50% saying they are ready to pay as much as 33% more. (Source – Amcor) 

Therefore, there are clear demands for eco-friendly packaging. As a brand, you should meet these sustainability demands to attract and appeal to consumers.  

Organic Products, Sustainable Packaging 

Last year, 53% of pet food and pet product launches in Europe featured a natural claim, with the “no additives/preservatives” claim seen in 43% of launches.   

Sustainable Packaging

If you are producing organic, natural and sustainable products, it is only right that you match this with eco-friendly packaging. This allows your brand to showcase ethical and eco-friendly values throughout the entire product experience – inside and outside of the packaging.   

Sustainable Communication & Packaging Design 

On top of using eco packaging materials, it is also important to provide sustainability guidance on your packaging to your consumers. This makes it easy for your consumers to understand how to recycle your packaging and how your brand is taking sustainable action.  

sustainable packaging

Understanding which sustainability credentials matter to pet owners and your consumers gives you the opportunity to express this clearly in your packaging design.  

Knowing that recyclability is a key driver in purchase choice should encourage your brand to clearly highlight that your packaging is recyclable or made of recycled materials. 

Eco Packaging Solution  

One environmentally-friendly packaging solution for your pet care product is to switch the material of your labels to an eco-friendly material. There are a wide range of eco-friendly label materials including those made up of recycled materials, compostable materials, and recyclable materials.  

By choosing an eco-friendly label material, you are adding to your brand’s sustainability credentials. At Springfield Solutions, we provide a number of different materials options which come under three categories; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.   

Sustainable Packaging

‘Reduce’ label category feature a lesser material weight by using a thinner face and backing material. This sustainable label option leads to less waste being sent to landfill.  

Our ‘Reuse’ labels utilise Biodegradable and Compostable substrates as well as wash off adhesives. The wash-off adhesive facilitates an extended life cycle of your packaging components by allowing 100% PET container recycling.  

Finally, our ‘Recycle’ labels feature recycled content, including PCR (post-consumer recycling), PIR (post-industrial recycled content) and renewable wood-based raw materials. 

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