The Emergence of Personalised Pet Product Packaging

Personalised Pet Packaging

Personalised pet products are an increasing trend in the Pet Care industry. As pet owners are both increasing in numbers and becoming more connected to their pets, the demand for customised Pet Product packaging has increased. 

This is a prime opportunity for Pet Care brands to take advantage of ‘Pet Humanisation’ with customised packaging. From named labels to pet-addressed delivery boxes! 

The Humanisation of Pets  

Firstly, let’s get into why this is such a large trend. Where did it all start?

The growing interest in pet humanisation and pet influencers is one of the factors driving the market growth for personalised pet care products, in particular premium pet products. 

As pets solidify themselves as ‘part of the family’ and pet ownership continues to rise, pets become more humanised. This ‘humanisation’ is also fuelled by a stronger connection between pet and owner.  

This stronger connection has arisen thanks to spending more time at home during lockdowns, and therefore spending more time with pets (as well as increased pet ownership!).  

Therefore, leading to an increased interest in high-quality and personalised pet care products.  

Personalised Pet Packaging

‘Pet Influencers’, like human influencers, endorse products on their social media accounts in partnership with brands. As can be seen in the example above, Errol the cat has over 122K followers on Instagram and is sponsored by key player in the industry, Purina. By seeing this endorsement from a large ‘Pet Influencer’ a follower’s purchasing decision is influenced – just as with a typical influencer!

What is Personalised Packaging? 

Personalised packaging allows your consumer to have a sense of control over products. Therefore, creating a connection between the consumer and your brand.

In Pet Care, packaging personalisation also allows your audience to feel more connected to their pet. Their purchase of a personalised product enhances their connection. 

This personalisation may be simply adding a pet’s name or even adding an image of their pet onto a label. This personalisation can be enhanced by including customisation across the full purchasing experience, such as on delivery boxes for online orders.  

This unique offering provides emotional value to the consumer, making spending more money for a personalised product likely. 

How to Utilise Variable Data Printing  

So, you want to reap the benefits of personalised packaging – but where do you start?

You can provide personalisation options to your consumers by utilising digital printing methods for your packaging.  

At Springfield Solutions, our 100% Digital Print factory puts you in a primary position to provide customised packaging and enhance that consumer relationship.  

Variable Data Printing enables us to customise each label individually, adding names, designs, and imagery unique to each label. This is made possible using 100% digital processes, as digitally printed labels do not require printing plates with lengthy set-up times. Digital personalisation has zero MOQs and fast lead times. 

Therefore, a previously expensive and challenging packaging feature is now made accessible to brands globally, thanks to digital print. 

Luxury Personalisation 

Our Digital Label Embellishments can enhance your brand’s personalised pet care labels. This service adds a touch of luxury to your packaging with digitally applied embellishments. This includes:

  • Gold and silver foil
  • Spot varnishes
  • Tactile finishes

Personalised Pet Packaging

Personalised Pet product packaging is not going anywhere. Reach your full potential in the growing pet care market with personalised, premium packaging and further enhance the consumer experience today!

To claim your FREE Pet Care label sample pack and begin your journey to digital luxury packaging, click the button below! 

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