The Role of Packaging Prototypes and When to Use Them

Packaging prototypes

Packaging Prototypes are a great benefit to businesses of all sizes. Without factoring in this process early in your packaging method, you may run into large costs and mistakes further down the line. 

What are Packaging Prototypes? 

Packaging Prototypes are mock-up, test versions of your final product. The purpose of this is to reach a final result that achieves maximum suitability for the intended product.   

Packaging Prototypes allow you to test: 

  • The functionality of your packaging 
  • The aesthetics of your packaging 
  • Differing packaging design concepts 
  • Various materials 
  • Luxury elements such as foiling or varnishes  

How are they created? 

The method in which your test packaging is created is dependent on its form. For example, you can use packaging prototype services to create labels, boxes, flexible bags and more.  

Packaging Prototypes

Our Mock>It department creates a multitude of packaging prototypes for brands of all sizes across a wide range of substrates to achieve the best sample.   

How Can I Use Packaging Prototypes? 

Once your prototype is created, it is time to test and evaluate it against your original concept and intentions.  

This may involve user testing, focus groups and internal approvals to gather feedback and identify any issues that may need to be altered. 

Once you have run through the rounds of testing required to achieve your desired packaging result, your prototype can be used as a reference for the full production of your packaging and product photography for ecommerce and marketing! 

ForthgladeWithout this process, you risk running into problems in full scale production and the waste of time, money and materials. By ironing out any issues with short run sample packaging, you will benefit from a much more streamlined process.  

In summary, creating prototypes of your packaging is an extremely useful tool for testing and refining your packaging designs and specifications before going to full production, as well as use for photography and marketing! 

To trial your packaging and ensure a successful new product launch, get in touch to create your prototype! 

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